Model S 19" OEM wheels and tires (almost new, WPB FL)

Model S 19" OEM wheels and tires (almost new, WPB FL)

On Tuesday (June 18) the Tesla Service Center in West Palm Beach FL will replace my December 2018 Model S100D 19" wheels with 21" Arachnid wheels that I earned as a referral award.

The original OEM 19" wheels are Goodyear Eagles on silver rims and have less than 1,700 miles on them with no damage. I'm assuming Service will replace the TPMS sensors and give me the old ones, but I'm not sure.

If you pick them up at the WPB Service Center on Tuesday afternoon you can have them for $1,000. After that the price goes up to $1,200. If no one picks them up on Tuesday I'll post photos after the wheels are off the car. If you want to look at the wheels on the car before Tuesday, that can be arranged.

Selling as a set only.

If interested, respond to my ad on the TMC forum: Photos will be posted there after Tuesday (if not sold).

MilesMD88 | 15. Juni 2019

Congrats, you got it straightened out.

I lowered my back seats & put a blanket in. Was asked “what to do with 19’s” I said put them in the back if you don’t mind, no problem. Helps to take some masking tape and label each of your 19’s location for future buyer.

Your wheels are yours. You get new arachnids, Michelin Pilot Super Sports, TPMS, lug nut caps & center caps. Install took about 90 minutes. They had to assemble wheels, balance, install, change software so you see arachnids on your dash & mobile app, and road test.

Left SC, ride was fairly harsh. Felt more bumps for sure. Tires pressures leaving SC were set to 47 psi as displayed on car status. At home, researched and the proper pressure is 42 psi, so lowered it to that. Test drive, much better!!
Further searching on the other forum produced a Tesla Service Bulletin for tire pressures. My P85D was in the category of “Dual motor, Air Suspension, 21” Staggered Wheels” The recommended pressure is 40 psi. Lowered it again. Found a couple references that the tire needs about 500 miles to break in, so ride & traction will only get better. They look freakin awesome, & handling is much improved.
Took a razor last night and cut off the 15 or so hairs off each’ll see. Put some tire shine on and head out for a curvy road...good luck with that in

EVRider | 16. Juni 2019

Thanks for the tips @MilesMD88! I was wondering about the tire pressure, specifically what the label in the door jamb says for cars that come with the 21” wheels (mine says 45psi and that’s what I’ve been using).

MilesMD88 | 16. Juni 2019

Chart I found says if you have dual motor, coils or air suspension, and staggered 21” setup, it’s 40 psi. For those with same size front & back 21”, 42 psi. Door sticker only applies to OEM wheels. SC did not apply new sticker. I will be using the 19’s in the winter.
Arachnids are a staggered configuration. 8.5 front, 9.0 rear. 245’s front, 265’s rear. Cannot rotate tires.

EVRider | 17. Juni 2019

Thanks! BTW, the Service Center texted me this morning to tell me they didn’t get all the parts for my wheel installation, so it’s not happening tomorrow. They will contact me after the parts come in to reschedule, probably sometime next week. If you’re local and interested in the old wheels, you have more time. :-)

Tropopause | 17. Juni 2019

I have staggered 21" Turbine wheels (not Arachnids) which I upgraded/bought new when ordering my 2017 P100D. The door placard indicates the correct staggered sizing and recommends 42 psi. Used 45 psi for the first 25,000 miles then decided to go with 42 psi for now. Might try 40 psi.


EVRider | 28. Juni 2019

I still haven’t received all the parts for my new wheels, but I’ve decided to keep the old wheels on my car and sell the Arachnids instead. I’ll post an ad for the new wheels once I know all the parts are in.

Silver2K | 28. Juni 2019

Trop, you've gotten 25k out of 1 set?

Bighorn | 28. Juni 2019

Original staggered 21s on the P85+ were 38(F) and 40(R).

MilesMD88 | 28. Juni 2019

Not a bad decision on your part. Most roads in southern FL are concrete and your ride would definitely be rougher on the Arachnids. Handling is much better, but on mostly straight roads, no benefit there. I’ve put about 300 miles on mine, and I do miss the soft ride of the Michelin’s on the 19’s. Atlanta has some excellent paved highways so the ride is better, and we do have
Received over the last 2 days from Amazon, a jack, breaker bar, torque wrench & 21mm socket. Plan on splitting wheels from winter & summer, best of both worlds really..
And the Arachnids use about 10% more energy, atleast over the 300 miles.
Arachnids look great, but you must be happy with the ride of your S, that’s all that matters!

EVRider | 01. Juli 2019

I've listed the Arachnid wheels for sale and created a new thread: