Range Anxiety-How close have you gotten to 0%/0 miles?

Range Anxiety-How close have you gotten to 0%/0 miles?

I make a regular drive out to the coast from Seattle that is 139 miles. I usually make sure I've got 200 miles or more left on the battery before taking off. By the time I make it there, I can have anywhere from 30 to 50 miles left on the battery, depending on time of day and outside temperature.

Today I left with only 170 miles on the battery and had 17 miles left on the battery when I made it to the destination and plugged it in. My range anxiety was kicking in, and I was really hoping the battery readout was right so I didn't need a tow.

What is the lowest you've allowed your battery get to while out and about?

Jiver | 09. Juli 2019

Based on this thread it appears that Tesla is just like every other car manufacturer in regards to what "Empty" means. How full is the battery at 0%? Clearly 0% does not mean that you are out of juice. I wonder how big the buffer is. Someone needs to drive until the car quits and let us know. Have fun with that.