Josef Stalin Would Be Proud

Josef Stalin Would Be Proud

If someone had told Josef Stalin that in less than 70 years after his death the leader of the free world would be strutting around in his capital city on Independence Day like some third world tin horn dictator complete with full military display, he would have considered his mission accomplished.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 05. Juli 2019

Bill Clinton used a young intern as a humidor in that office.

Darthamerica | 05. Juli 2019

@SCC judge you? I don't give a crap about you enough to judge you. As long as you're not hurting me I could care less to waste energy judging you. This is a forum man. People have all kinds of opinions. This isn't about who's right or wrong. Once you understand that you'll have better conversations outside of the echo chamber.

teslu3 | 05. Juli 2019

" I've never denigrated any President."
"The far left hates veterans and the military, wants to tax people into destitution over nonsense like global warming..."
DA claims to never denigrating a president, but follows that with blatantly denigrating "the far left" and most climate scientists.

RedShift | 05. Juli 2019


“Bill Clinton used a young intern as a humidor in that office”

At least he didn’t rape her. And he was impeached for it.

And, judging by your non answer about my post, you have nothing of substance to offer here.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 05. Juli 2019

Oh, you wanted me to acknowledge all that bullshit? Sorry, I’m kinda busy.

RedShift | 05. Juli 2019


Pish tosh. You have time to come here and spew idiotic non sense all the time. Don’t lie. :-)

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 05. Juli 2019

Okay, let’s see.
“Now, do your job, call a spade a spade, and stop excusing incompetence.”
That sounds like you’re ordering me to see things your way and not develop my own opinions and beliefs. Uh, not only no but fuck no. Incompetence? Yes, sometimes, but the positive results outweigh the negatives. Hilary would have been a colossal train wreck.

“Outright treason.”
Not according to Bob Mueller. Nuff said. The hand has spoken.
“Unlawful enrichment of personal and family businesses.”
What Choo talkin about, Willis? You saying a businessman or woman cannot run for president because they have businesses that could go up or down due to their name? Shit, good thing no other presidents in history had businesses or investments that could have appreciated.
Now go away.

RedShift | 05. Juli 2019

Not ordering. Asking. Not requesting. Because as citizens of a great country who are both interested in keeping it great, one must demand higher standards. No?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 05. Juli 2019

Red, agreed. I would definitely appreciate more decorum from the CinC. Was actually hoping for a small stroke during the inaugural dinner so that Pence could run the ball down the field. No such luck so I’m forced to root for the man currently running the agenda I voted for.
Is that being honest enough?
I’m sure we’d get along great talking about our cars over a beer.

SCCRENDO | 05. Juli 2019

Let’s not get started on Pence

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 05. Juli 2019

Haha! Agreed!
Seriously, though, how about that instant acceleration? I love this car and can’t wait for the day Teslas outnumber ICE pickup trucks.

NoMoPetrol | 05. Juli 2019

Speaking belatedly of gaffs, what I should have said when I incorrectly stated that our men in uniform were "forced" to serve in Iraq, what I should have said was:

Our men in uniform had their sense of duty and honor hijacked by an unscrupulous Vice President who sent you guys to war to protect the interests, not of our country, but of Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, Shell and Haliburton (who just managed to get a no-bid contract to rebuild the country we just bombed the living daylights out of in order to protect those oil interests.

One could argue that one hidden agenda of GW Bush, based on his campaign speeches in 1999 and 2000, was to outdo his daddy's performance in Iraq; take care of unfinished business, so to speak. 9/11 gave him the opening he was looking for. Falsify a few key documents; send a patsy (Colin Powell) to present said documents to the UN; and, presto, we're fighting in Iraq to punish some guy living in a cave in Afghanistan.

Any American soldiers who came home from Iraq in a body bag are hanging like a millstone around the necks of Bush and Cheney. Those soldiers' legacies are that they served with honor, following orders of their superiors, who in turn were following the orders of a couple of draft-dodging creeps whose idea of war would never involve either one of them actually having to put their own pathetic bodies in the line of fire.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 05. Juli 2019

I believe you've described the plot of "Vice" to a T.

RedShift | 05. Juli 2019


“You saying a businessman or woman cannot run for president because they have businesses that could go up or down due to their name?”

When you have Ivanka Trump trying statescraft, it’s like giving an intern the reins of the company during a very important M&A negotiation. Why is she doing this? Huh, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that. Same thing for Mr Jared. Another intern looking to fill the VP shoes. Why?

Emoluments are not just a fancy word. They are there to prevent enriching of self at the expense of the tax payer and in the name of PUBLIC service.

I have nothing against a business man running for public office, quite the contrary, being a businessman myself, I know how stupidly difficult it is to run a successful commercial enterprise.

PUBLIC service is without selfish interests, in the ideal world. It is a noble cause. One where people lose their black hair or make it turn grey trying to perform a very stressful job.

It is not to be taken lightly.

“I’ve sure we’d hget along great over beer talking about our cars”

I’m pretty sure. I know lot about cars and their handling characteristics than a EE grad should know. And I love, absolutely love my Model 3, a little less so, my Model S.

RedShift | 05. Juli 2019



As for Mueller, he has specifically declined to absolve Trump of obstruction.

Now, a neutral person might ponder: “ why was Trump trying to obstruct justice?”

Why do we have to put up with all this?

Why indeed.

NKYTA | 05. Juli 2019

“And I love, absolutely love my Model 3, a little less so, my Model S.”

@RedShift, no lies in your statement. Just opinions. ;-)

I love my Model S, and my wife’s Model 3.

Again, opinion.

Trump obstructed justice, fact.
By DOJ guidelines Muller couldn’t charge, fact.

And now we are going back 250 years to secure our airports? Ugh.

sabbia | 06. Juli 2019

@dmm. "What puzzles me is what the appeal is to his fans? " That IS the puzzle.

The false equivalence of asking a disabled person whom he had wanted to honor and saying we had airplanes during the Revolutionary War takes one's breath away.

Myrmidons. All of them Myrmidons.

Tesla2018 | 06. Juli 2019

He meant to say Ports instead of Airports. Either the teleprompter went out or he just read it wrong. Either way it eas pretty funny. Someone needs to take a SpaceX rocket and photoshop SpaceForce on it with George Washington standing next to it.

NKYTA | 06. Juli 2019

I thought he was above teleprompters? Or do the faithful forget all the crap that he has spewed?

Trump == bad religion

SamO | 06. Juli 2019

Trump religion ==devil worship
GOP == death cult

sabbia | 06. Juli 2019

McMaster was right.
Tillerson was right
Kelly was right

And Darth likes going to war for any reason. They said so.

Bone spurs uses you. And you hide your embarrassment at being used by spouting off about "honor"?

RedShift | 06. Juli 2019


“He meant to say Ports instead of Airports. Either the teleprompter went out or he just read it wrong. Either way it eas pretty funny. ”

Yes, if it was on Seinfeld, it would have been a so-so joke. As one of the most important speeches about America, and it’s military service persons (which was Trump’s idea) it was terrible. Trump trying to blame the teleprompter was even worse.

You guys white wash everything he does, no? That’s not funny, that’s sad.

SCCRENDO | 06. Juli 2019

He meant to say that we need to address climate change urgently but the teleprompter told him to withdraw from the Paris Accords. He wanted to get Iran to get rid of nuclear weapons but the teleprompter told him to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. He wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare but the teleprompter did not tell him to replace.

RedShift | 06. Juli 2019


How are you, been a while since we chatted or met!

“Again, opinion.”

That is your OPINION! :-)

Darthamerica | 06. Juli 2019

@sabbia it’s not about “like to go to war”. I didn’t like it when I got called up to respond to last night’s earthquake while watching Stranger Things. But that’s the oath you take when you volunteer... no where does it say anything about “liking it”. You do your duty not what you “like”. I’ve served under 4 different Presidents and many Governors besides... I don’t always agree with their politics but will always honor my vows. Please learn the difference.

TabascoGuy | 06. Juli 2019

Vows you say? I vowed to protect American citizens against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, when I took that oath. Is that the one you're puffing your feathers up about? I'm pretty sure Trump falls squarely in that second category.

sabbia | 06. Juli 2019

@Darth. Okay. You didn't say you like to go to war. Good. Good on you. Very good, in fact. It's just when you say "willing to go to war for whatever reason" that you display dangerous sycophancy. In other words, a good German.

OMG...willing to go to war for any reason. I sincerely hope that that is just hyperbole.

Tabasco has it didn't vow to go to war for any reason. More likely defend the constitution.

I take your point and the insult I inferred I (and probably deserved) and I learned the difference. I now ask you to learn the lessons of Nuremberg.

SamO | 07. Juli 2019

@Darth is just a foot soldier. He doesn't make policy. He's too small and useless. The soldier doesn't get tried for the policy of war.

Just for his conduct in that war.

NoMoPetrol | 07. Juli 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie "I believe you've described the plot of "Vice" to a T."

Never wasted my time watching "Vice". No need to be reminded of the obvious. If only our national experience in Iraq had been fiction.

sabbia | 08. Juli 2019

The German defense that @Darth is using (consciously or not) is "befehl ist befehl." @Darth says they are willing to go to war for any reason. In the Iraq war it's an example of how well meaning people who saw honor in following orders were used. Same for the Vietnam War when wealth could get you out with bone spurs. Plenty served. In Iraq, without a draft, the relatives of the neocons who forced us into that war never served. I'll be happily corrected in any Bush, any Cheney any Wolfowitz, any Rumsfeld served.

Back to @Darth. One of the lessons of Nuremberg was that following an illegal order doesn't absolve the foot soldier. Only lessens the punishment. H. T. King Jr., The Legacy of Nuremberg. That is the lesson of Nuremberg I hope Darth learns.

andy.connor.e | 08. Juli 2019

Trump is doing something?


SamO | 08. Juli 2019

Zero f's are given about 45. I'm only concerned about the abject failure of the LEADERSHIP of the Ds to do anything.

cowardly pigs, feeding at the trough of campaign finance as paid-for shills of the highest bidder.

Pelosi and Schumer need to resign in shame.

Uncle Paul | 09. Juli 2019

Does not matter which political leaning you have, most people interested in politics or world affairs seem to be fascinated with Trump.

They hang on his every word "airport", parse every word, look for innocence or guilt, and generally live each day captivated by his policies.

Not saying good or bad, but he is perhaps one of the most influential Presidents in many years.

dmm1240 | 10. Juli 2019

Fascinated is not the right word. Repulsed is more apt.

Tesla-David | 10. Juli 2019

Yes disgusting and repulsed is what I hear from folks outside the US. He has seriously damaged the U.S. image abroad.

jimglas | 10. Juli 2019

we are all scared of his next move since nobody knows what his "gut" is going to tell him what to do. He is an uninformed moron who revels in his stupidity.

NKYTA | 10. Juli 2019

"and generally live each day captivated by his policies."

Again, you could use disgusted or repulsed here.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10. Juli 2019

I’m still conflicted over how Dems are flashing Biden/Obama era atrocities (photos of border children in cages) and pawning it off as something Trump did. Astonishing hypocrisy. But by all means, fall in line behind the bozos who want to turn this country into the Supreme Soviet State. Idiocy...

sabbia | 10. Juli 2019

Neo is part of the 35% that we need to understand. There are some psychological profiles but they are not compelling.

See, for example:

Neo puts themselves in another category altogether.. After Trump hijacks Stalin's "enemy of the people" neo thinks that their "Supreme Soviet State" can be taken seriously. It's like defecating in public and telling the public that the excrement is someone else's.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10. Juli 2019

Donald Trump is not polite. He is not a politician. Typical analysis is sketchy at best because pundits are using the wrong rubric when analyzing his actions or statements.

Here, look at this:

SCCRENDO | 10. Juli 2019

@sabbia. Great link. Thanks

SCCRENDO | 10. Juli 2019

@Neo. One unfortunate victory for Trump. But it appears the state of Maryland did not have standing to bring the case. I bet Congress would have more luck.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10. Juli 2019
Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10. Juli 2019

Sorry guys, I know you all want to live in a socialist utopia under the benevolent rule of AOC and Kamala/Biden but I simply don't see America that way. When I look at where we've come over the last 2 years I cannot reconcile the hatred and vitriol seen in this post with the improvement in all metrics that capture the performance of a society. You talk like Trump supporters are derange. Look at the data. Seriously, look at the data and tell me and others on this thread how our country isn't in a superior position than where it was in January 2017.

Sabbia, your metaphor is baffling. Do you want to take another stab at it? Make some sense, use your words.

TabascoGuy | 10. Juli 2019

"When I look at where we've come over the last 2 years I cannot reconcile the hatred and vitriol seen in this post with the improvement in all metrics that capture the performance of a society."

I certainly don't see the gains that you speak of but if you do, I ask, at what moral and ethical cost were those gains made?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10. Juli 2019

None. You see it differently, though.

TabascoGuy | 10. Juli 2019

That's a fact.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10. Juli 2019

Oh no, say it isn’t so, Joe! He’s acting like Trump!

TabascoGuy | 10. Juli 2019

"That's just good business" (DJT)

SCCRENDO | 10. Juli 2019

Hey Neo. Why do you guys set the bar so low. I guess as long as we don’t have video evidence of Trump raping 15 year olds with Epstein you would consider him a supporter of women’s rights. The link from Sabbia is spot on. Trump may be a problem. But the people that support and enable him are the bigger problem. You guys are too stupid to realize that he is a problem