Josef Stalin Would Be Proud

Josef Stalin Would Be Proud

If someone had told Josef Stalin that in less than 70 years after his death the leader of the free world would be strutting around in his capital city on Independence Day like some third world tin horn dictator complete with full military display, he would have considered his mission accomplished.

NKYTA | 11. Juli 2019

@sabbia, most of these deniers think they understand QED, but they don’t, until it hits them in the face.

Idiot in chief is trying to go around the Constitution and the Supreme Court to fix the “brown people” problem, now.


Time for Mitch McConnell wife to be deported. Let’s get Melania out too. National security, but of course.


SCCRENDO | 11. Juli 2019

@Sabbia. You make a great teacher. But you may need to simplify even further for this crowd.
@NKYTA. I think MAGA should be the slogan for the Dems in 2020

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 11. Juli 2019

Thank you for coming back and explaining. Very clever. Yes, I remember QED from 9th grade trigonometry.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 11. Juli 2019

It’s a proven fact that liberals who wear MAGA clothing spontaneously combust. Probably a bad idea for your slogan.

NKYTA | 11. Juli 2019

@neo, ironic that you bring up Trigonometry, you would be classified as “unteacheable”.

dmm1240 | 12. Juli 2019

I'm amused by some of the common misunderstandings about the so called left. Whenever something is proposed to deal with a problem, from Social Security in 1930s to proposals to deal with climate change today,the cry goes up: "Socialism! Communism! Tyranny!"

Is it those things?

Another amusing point: Karl Marx didn't give a damn about what form of government a country had. He didn't refer to government much at all in his writings. Marx was an economist concerned with how a society is organized to produce and share the wealth it creates. The collectives, five year plans, ruling politburos backed by ruthless internal police forces, and government ownership of everything from farms to factories to department stores were inventions of characters like Lenin and Mao who claimed to be marxists but weren't. We could keep the Constitution and have a so called marxist economic system. They are not incompatible. With soviet style socialism? Yes, incompatible, and also incompatible with fascist authoritarianism.

Let me put your minds to rest: While there are always nuts on the fringe along the political spectrum, the vast majority of people we think of as liberal, progressive, European style socialists, etc have zero interest in recreating the old Soviet Union. We also oppose the recreation of fascist states like Germany under Hitler, Italy in the Mussolini era or modern day China. (You can't call China socialist/communist any more, they're communist in name only; the way the ruling "communist party" behaves is more akin to Germany in the 1930s with the Nazis in charge versus China under Mao).

What do the god awful liberals believe in terms of the role of government?
1. To provide for the common defense.
2. To provide goods and services best handled by the public sector, such as infrastructure, adjudication of disputes, providing a criminal and civil justice code including enforcement.
3. To establish the rules of the road for the economy and serve as the referee. (See the Constitution Article 1). Try holding a football game without referees armed with whistles and a sensible rulebook and you get chaos. The same goes for the economic sector. No referee, chaos.
4. To protect and expand civil liberties.
5. To prevent the strong from preying on the weak.

Example of #1. The Army, Navy, Air Force, etc should be under civilian control in the public sector. No strongman should be able to use the armed forces to control the population. We are suspicious of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned about.

Example of #2. Construction and maintenance of things used by the public should be under public control. Government is terrible at making tennis shoes. OTOH, healthcare for profit has given us the most expensive and far from the most effective healthcare system in the developed world. By nature, providing healthcare services is not conducive to natural market forces. This needs to be fixed.

Example of #3. Left to their own devices in all things, corporations become ruthless and oppressive. They pay workers as little as possible. Some always cheat because humans cheat. Just like common criminals, there is always an outlaw element that will do anything for an extra nickel in profit even if it means disease and even death for the public at large. Businesses scheme to eliminate competition (see Amazon) and we think this is wrong. There must be competition.

Example of #4. All citizens have the right to vote. We favor making it easier instead of harder for citizens to participate. See women receiving the right to vote. Women should be receive equal pay for equal work. Just as the state should have no say over what a man does with his body, the same goes for women. Discrimination against people of different skin color, different religions, different creeds, etc, we actually believe in what the Constitution says: Don't discriminate and don't allow it.

Example #5. We don't like it that Amazon, as an example, uses predatory practices to eliminate competition. Amazon uses its control of online ordering and delivery to browbeat/exclude companies and their products so they can sell their own. We don't think that companies should be allowed to sell products that are dangerous to peoples' health (i.e. Roundup, baby cribs that strangle infants, defective artificial hips) or that health insurers can deny people coverage because of stuff like preexisting conditions. We oppose a group like men, who are in the majority in holding political offices, should run around telling women what to do with their bodies. James Madison abhorred the idea of a preeminent religion and so do we; the best policy is to let religion do its thing without state interference, and the flip side that religious beliefs should not dictate discriminatory policies to the state. Separation is a good idea.

I fail to see how any of this is the treat to life, liberty and property that we hear screamed at us every day.

Tesla-David | 12. Juli 2019

@dmm great rant and list +100

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

"I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity. Similarly, Facebook Libra’s “virtual currency” will have little standing or dependability. If Facebook and other companies want to become a bank, they must seek a new Banking Charter and become subject to all Banking Regulations, just like other Banks, both National and International. We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable. It is by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World, and it will always stay that way. It is called the United States Dollar!"

Is this such an awful thing to say? Someone please tell me what is wrong with this.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

@ NKYTA, You say I'm unteachable? Interesting. Do you also have a masters degree in aerospace engineering? Or are you way beyond that - some kind of super Mensa - that can look down on someone like me and figure out that I am unteachable?
I believe your problem is that you wrap yourself in a smug blanket and refuse to learn from what is happening around you. You refuse to do your own basic analysis and just rely on the talking heads to tell you what to think. You're a silly person.

andy.connor.e | 12. Juli 2019

Nothing. But american currency is also based on nothing, and although may be more regulated than cryptocurrencies, is still a currency of debt and backed by nothing. We used to be based on gold and silver, but now its "thin air".

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

True, but since President Trump said those words you can count on dems squawking off about how awful it is to regulate cryptocurrency.

jimglas | 12. Juli 2019

MAGA as a democratic slogan? Brilliant!

sabbia | 12. Juli 2019

@Neo. Masters in aerospace engineering. Apparently demonstrating a need to exhibit their diploma. Now, show us your birth certificate. Ask your leader to show us his grades at Wharton.

sabbia | 12. Juli 2019

@dmm. I, for one, really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into your writings here. Well done!

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

Keep talking. Your ignorance is coming through loud and clear.

NKYTA | 12. Juli 2019

@neo "Do you also have a masters degree in aerospace engineering?"

What the hell does that have to do with anything?
I have a bachelor's in math and a masters in computer science.

Links were provided to you, showing the science behind climate change, yet you still believe the climate-denier-in-chief that really likes how "clean" our coal is. That's fucked up.

"I believe your problem is that you wrap yourself in a smug blanket and refuse to learn from what is happening around you. You refuse to do your own basic analysis and just rely on the talking heads to tell you what to think."

We have a whole lot of climatologists around the world, with way more degrees and chops than I. I chose to read the science they do and form my opinions.

You seem to chose a liar, a pussy grabber and a moron to form your opinions.

"You're a silly person."

I am sometimes. But I haven't been conned by the Don.

NKYTA | 12. Juli 2019

@dmm, +2

RedShift | 12. Juli 2019



Good response.


As Tesla used to be expensive, most early adopters including NYKTA, have higher education to have the skilled jobs that paid more than non skilled jobs.

You might find that masters degree is pretty common among users here.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

I was specifically replying to this statement: "@neo, ironic that you bring up Trigonometry, you would be classified as “unteacheable”."

I don't need shitheads like NKYTA telling me I'm unteachable because I'm not in love with his/her views.

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

@Neo. @Sabbia makes a lot of sense and has an excellent teaching style that you even admit he has. He also has qualifications that would suggest a reasonably high IQ and education. @dmm also spends a lot of time researching facts and then explaining his thoughts.

I guess from our perspective the jury on you is still out. We have no idea of your qualifications nor have you demonstrated strong evidence of logic. It does remain possible that as a loyal Trumpist you have chosen to suppress logical thought in defense of this ideals. You certainly do not research your statements before posting and many fail simple fact checks. When dealing with Trumpists we can never be sure whether they ignore facts out of intentional ignorance to advance rhetoric or true ignorance.

RedShift | 12. Juli 2019


Unteachable is just a term used when arguments put forth with best effort aren’t being needed or given a proper analysis.

See, this thread is an example of how most things go down between Trump supporters and others.

I choose not to get into it, (but sometimes I do, evidently) because I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump supporters just don’t want to look at facts in an unbiased manner.

You might have the same things to say about non-Trump people, I’d imagine.

RedShift | 12. Juli 2019


SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

As regards bitcoin and other crypto currencies my fear is more the unknown. The dollar has been the standard for a long time because it was a trusted universal currency. Trump with his antiglobalization is using it as a weapon. Trump is turning us into a bully nation and a pariah. It may have worked for him in real estate but I am disgusted that he uses these strategies as leader of our country. And While the jury may still be out on this as well it seems he is doing a lousy job. The world is looking for alternative standards which include the Euro and crypto currencies. The advantage of crypto currencies is that they are not controlled by a government. But who knows who control them and how trustworthy that truly are. Their volatility is extremely worrisome.

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

@redshift. I think we do look at the facts. It’s the Trumpists who don’t. They censor sources. Anything but Foxnews is considered fake news. They make statements without reference that are shown to be false with a limited fact check. As is well known. You know Trump is lying when his mouth moves or he sends out a twitter feed

andy.connor.e | 12. Juli 2019

We've been a bully nation for half a century. This is not a trump thing

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

No new wars have been started under Trump.
Iran shot down a UAV, Trump said no, lets not bomb/kill hundreds of Iranian soldiers.

I'm going to pop off for a bit and think, wait, and fast.

TabascoGuy | 12. Juli 2019

Actually, he was moments away from pulling the trigger. He had to be reminded that there would be 100 to 150 Iranian soldiers killed along with some civilian casualties.

He didn't agree with not retaliating because it was wrong, he agreed because it would look bad.

SamO | 12. Juli 2019


I’d call you a clown but clowns are funny.

You are a symptom of the disease effecting this country.

Keep licking 45s balls.

NKYTA | 12. Juli 2019

"I don't need shitheads like NKYTA telling me I'm unteachable because I'm not in love with his/her views."

I'm fine with you calling me a shithead. I don't care if you love my views.

I'm not fine with you conflating "views" with facts.

Facts are fucking facts.
Trump lies constantly. Fact.
Trump has gutted the EPA causing harm to our national parks and national resources. Fact.
Trump likes "clean" coal. Fact.
Trump cow-tows to authoritarians (Putin, Un). Fact.

RedShift | 12. Juli 2019

Here are some facts about Trump.

“Prove one racist thing Trump has said”

Answer: There are good people on BOTH sides. His words.

“Trump didn’t start any new wars”

Answer: True. When Obama backed away from starting a war with Syria, he was pilloried, not lauded, like Trumpers are doing with their man.

“Trump is not a politician, he is a successful businessman”

Answer: He incurred a loss of 2B$ over a decade. He declared bankruptcy for his businesses 4 times. He evaded taxes.

“Economy is doing so well under Trump”

Answer: The revival was well underway during Obama. No acknowledgement of that fact.

“Trump never colluded with the Russians”

Answer: Let’s look at why he obstructed in that case, shall we? Why would any innocent person try to obstruct justice?

“He lowered taxes”

Answer: For the high income folks and some low income folks. The DEFICIT, in the mean time, has increased by 1T$ under Trump. This was such a huge issue under Obama. Now? Only crickets are heard.

andy.connor.e | 12. Juli 2019

I think each election gets the population riled up about new issues that get peoples attention taken away from the issues they cared about in the previous election. That way after the previous presidents policies ruin something, no one cares anymore because they are too focused on the BS that is conjured up in the next election.

Something i like to add from myself. People say Trump is a Nazi. Not only has Trump not implemented any policies that are considered under that definition, but Obama actually spent some $36 million on censoring the media and withholding information from the public, all stuff that Trump is not doing. #MyFeelings

RedShift | 12. Juli 2019

If I can get a dispassionate defense from a Trump supporter, I can continue a discussion. No ‘what-aboutism’ please. And no world salads.

TabascoGuy | 12. Juli 2019

"... censoring the media and withholding information from the public, all stuff that Trump is not doing."

How much did he pay Stormy to keep quiet?

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

He has certainly tried to censor the media. But he doesn’t have to. His faithful blindly believe him when he labels a news organizations fake news. The only news they listen to are Foxnews and his twitter feed. It’s as good as censoring.

andy.connor.e | 12. Juli 2019

about tree fiddy

sabbia | 12. Juli 2019

@Neo. I am ignorant. No question, I am ignorant of Trump's Wharton grades.

I am also ignorant about why

Trump myrmidons like you

- think it's okay to call marching Nazis fine people
- that national debt is a scandal but not when the 1% get huge tax breaks
- it's fine to promote family values by someone who is an adulterer with porn stars
- it's fine to laud authoritarians and fine to castigate allies
- think it's fine to lie about who pays for tariffs

So yes, at your request, I will continue to display my ignorance of why you are one who is a mindless follower of an unscrupulous moron (not my word, words of his cabinet and close advisers). I just don't understand it. Mea culpa. Ignorant.

Apparently, you find it necessary to display your sheepskin because your lack of knowledge of facts, failure at critical thinking and blind bias cause you to rely on such artifacts. While you are at it, why don't you show us why you feel compelled to display your diploma yet find it ignorant to ask Trump to show his Wharton grades.

jimglas | 12. Juli 2019

well said sabbia

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

Trump just private messaged me and said he’d show me his Wharton report card this weekend after our round of golf. I’ll let you know how he did. He also wanted me to ask if there are any “undocumented migrants” (illegal aliens) in the forum. Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

All of us. I’m presently on vacation on the fun side of Trump’s wall. But i’ll be back.

Tesla2018 | 12. Juli 2019

All the illegals are being rounded up this weekend.

NKYTA | 12. Juli 2019

@neo, it has been documented that he cheats at golf.

Very telling.

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

First the July

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

First the July 4th parade and then the Bastille Day Sturmwaffen raids. This should warm many Fascist hearts

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

I don’t mind. I let him win anyway.
Hey, you guys have a great weekend and keep on keepin’ on.

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

Indeed the next Dem president will make America great again

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Juli 2019

Good one. Keep those black hoods at the ready, though, just in case. Also the Cry Closets and Safe Spaces.

SCCRENDO | 12. Juli 2019

@Neo. We have survived Trump so far and worst case scenario we can deal with another 4 years. Overall I have faith in the American electorate and we will return to sanity. The irony is that I have been there and done it. At 66 years old I will be just fine. It’s the future generations that I care about. I know a facist scumbag when I see one. And Trump and his kind belong behind bars and not f***ing with the stability of the planet.

SCCRENDO | 13. Juli 2019

For those that point to Obama and deportations here is some perspective. Indeed Dems do believe in deporting illegals. But they try do it in a humane and non disruptive way

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 13. Juli 2019

Why were all those democrat politicians only a few years ago saying the same things as Trump about needing border security, stopping the flood of illegals, abusing our healthcare system, having anchor babies,? I don't understand that massive flip-flop. CNN is an absolute joke. Good riddance to illegals. Get them the hell out.

@SCC, thanks for the goddamn Swiffer commercial!

sabbia | 13. Juli 2019

Neo tries irony when they write "Trump just private messaged me and said he’d show me his Wharton report card this weekend after our round of golf."

The point is that demanding Obama's birth certificate and continuing to harp on it after it was produced is racist.

Trump continuing to ask for Obama's grades is racist all the while not showing his. So you, Neo, slough it off as no biggie. Yes, you have no control over him but you are a blind supporter lacking critical skills.

You trot out your diploma because you are insecure in the correctness or intelligence of your remarks. The point is, those artifacts have little relevance to your support for Trump's inanity.

The wall is racist because a) most illegal drugs come in through ports of entry and b) a wall may stop brown-skinned *legal* asylum seekers.

You call *me* ignorant in response to another poster saying you are not educable. All you have proved is that you are trainable, not educable.

I do have a request to clear up another item of ignorance I willingly admit to. I am ignorant of the starship captain with whom @jimglas shares the same surname. Please educate me.