Service Appointment on App

Service Appointment on App

I have been trying to schedule a service appointment via the app, and simply receive a message saying, “error, try again later.“ This has happened several times.

Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty?

Lonestar10_1999 | 07. Juli 2019

You can call the SC and have them set up your appointment. It will then show up on your app.

Linebet | 07. Juli 2019

Lonestar, I was hoping for a ranger. I assume the SC can still set up an appointment with a ranger.

Magic 8 Ball | 07. Juli 2019

I made my appointment online and in the message section I commented that I prefer a ranger. They called later in the day and scheduled a ranger to come out a week before the next SC appt. was available.

M3phan | 08. Juli 2019

Assuming you have your app updated to the latest version?

uffe | 24. Juli 2019

Yup, I have the same problem. I try to schedule service in the app (v3.8.6), I can click through all the steps but on the last step where you confirm your booking by tapping Schedule it just says:


I called support and they didn't know what to do, so they escalated the issue to another department. Haven't heard anything since...

I get the same error on my wives phone using the same account so it seems it's tied to my Tesla-account somehow, not the app-installation.

Note also that scheduling service through the app has worked for me before.

rdh37 | 24. Juli 2019

When I recently tried to schedule service at my local, awesome, SC on my app received the following error:

"Failed fetching service appointment list"

This was on an iphone 6 with the latest version of the app. Ended up making the appt via the chat. While at the SC asked the folks there about it. They had no explanation and suggested re-installing the app. Have not done so since I have no need for any other appointments at this time. Will do so if it fails again.

On an unrelated note, asked the people about the current guidance for maintenance service. Was told the current standard is 2 years. So, hopefully no more visits for the next 19 months. :) Oh, do plan on doing a tire rotation at about 10k miles. Also may request cabin air filter change at the same time. Have a nice day.