Dashcam USB bricked

Dashcam USB bricked

I got in my car yesterday and the dashcam icon was grey with an x. I first tried 2 wheel touchscreen reboot without success. I was able to view files with a mobile app and on computer. I then tried to erase files but got the message that disk was write protected. I then attempted Disk Utility, Format, Regedit and DISKPART. Nothing works and USB is unusable. I only use the dashcam and not Sentry mode so plenty of room on the stick. Any suggestions or is it trashed? (Sandisk USB)

jvcesare | 08. Juli 2019

Some memory sticks cannot hold up to the constant write operations used when recording video. The avg life is bewteen 10,000 and 100,000 ops, depending on the tech used. Several months ago I switched to a real SSD drive and housed it in a portable USB case.

Joshan | 08. Juli 2019

Also the intense heat in the cabin can fry cheap drives. If you are using sentry mode, but not using cabin overheat protection it is running at VERY high temps possibly.

Magic 8 Ball | 08. Juli 2019
hokiegir1 | 08. Juli 2019

Someone else had a sandisk with a similar error, and this seems like it may be a culprit:

Original thread:

Hp.1193 | 08. Juli 2019

Almost 3 months and 0 issues. Check this one out.

Warez | 08. Juli 2019

You chose the hottest USB stick there is. What did you expect?
Get Samsung (like FIT Plus) and you won’t have problems [for a while].

Ideally, though, you need high endurance microSD with USB adapter or SSD with USB bridge enclosure. The newest Samsung SSDs will have the highest TBW ratings across SSD manufacturers. For enclosure select one with USB 3.1 interface as that will have a more recent controller chipset.

I was running Samsung FIT Plus for 3 months with no issues but switched to SSD with enclosure because I understand that USB stick will eventually fail as there is very limited to no wear leveling and endurance is no match for SSDs. The FAT file system is not exactly flash friendly with continuous write application.

poppap | 08. Juli 2019

I am using Endurance microSD in an adapter that can be plugged into the iPhone for instant viewing.

Endurance SD:
Card reader:

reed_lewis | 09. Juli 2019

USB stick are cheaply made and will eventually fail. The cheaper the price, the more likely it will fail.

aperfectecho | 09. Juli 2019

I have had 2 of them "brick" like this, without the ability to repair them. I switched to an adapted SD card, which so far, works well.
However, I have to clear it about once every 2-3 weeks, because it will fill up (with dashcam, and Sentry Mode) and then I get that grey "x" until I clear it.
I get multiple Sentry Mode alerts when I re-enter the car daily, so I know that doesn't help things.
I think it will get better, so hang in there!

Potatoee | 09. Juli 2019

I have successfully "recovered" a bricked USB by doing a low-level format. A "quick format" did not work.