Lost features (NOA and Summon)

Lost features (NOA and Summon)

So I had purchased the AP and FSD package few months ago when they had a promotion going on for existing owners (5k for both?).
Recently, I find the NOA and Summon missing and I can only use the base AP. I think the features went missing after a recent software update.
Checking to see if anyone is having the same problem?

Joshan | 08. Juli 2019

nope, mine work fine. Do they show up on your TESLA ACCOUNT page? I can even see the receipt there for the purchase.

Makemark | 08. Juli 2019

Yeah - I see the FSD package still available for purchase on my account page for Model 3.
However, I have the invoices for the AP and FSD purchases. So there is something weird about this.

Joshan | 08. Juli 2019

get on with chat ASAP, they will fix you up.

Justin.R.Tipton | 08. Juli 2019

Good luck with getting this fixed. Tesla support fixed it via email, nine days after I emailed them. (I tried other avenues. Chat said "connecting" for two hours one time and one hour another. No my favorite experience.

Makemark | 09. Juli 2019

Yep. Logged a complaint via Chat. They say it will take few days to get fixed..

TM3Q | 09. Juli 2019

Try a reboot first....

mingoglia | 09. Juli 2019

Looks like I'm not the only one. I bought my car 12 days ago and paid the $6k for the feature. I figured I'd wait several days before going into the service center to ask why it hasn't pushed down to my car. He said my car was configured for the basic and not the full auto pilot. He told me he was "having the engineers push down the feature to my car". That was on Friday. Still nothing. It's mildly annoying having paid the money and still not having the option.

Joshan | 09. Juli 2019

make sure you have your car on a strong wifi signal. at home It needs Wifi to download the update.