RWD Model 3 @ Cal Club Autocross

RWD Model 3 @ Cal Club Autocross

I attended my first SCCA autocross event last Saturday in my RWD Model 3. The event was organized by Cal Club, and they did a great job of it. I had planned to do some runs with stock traction control, and compare them against runs using MPP Party Box VSC defeat device. I quickly found that it is unbearable to do autocross with the stock traction control on. The car constantly cuts power through every sharp turn. I turned the Party Box on before my second run and never went back.

Saturday was the practice event before Sunday's official points event. The nice thing about the practice day that you get a lot of runs. I was able to get in 7 runs in the morning session and 10 runs in the afternoon. My best run of 70.164 was the very last of the day, and I still felt there was another second or two in it. I was happy to see that my time was faster than any of the times posted for the Novice group at Sunday's event, and was competitive with the "D Street" times, which is where the RWD Model 3 would be classed.

I have only done a couple of autocross events in the past, and find that it always takes me a good while before I feel comfortable with the course. Unlike a road course that you can study in advance, it all hits you at once when you get onsite. If you autocross regularly and have any tips on how to acclimate more quickly, please share. I did get some great advice from Kyle O'Rourke, who had the only other Tesla at the event. Kyle went on to win the "B street" class with a 66.906 in his P3D on Sunday.

Magic 8 Ball | 09. Juli 2019


JAD | 09. Juli 2019

Unfortunately the best way to get good at learning the track is to do more events. After you have done a bunch, your brain will associate a new corner with a similar one from a previous event and learn it quicker.

Beyond that, look as far forward as you can. Most people look right in front of the car, but you need to be looking at least to the next corner. This will also help you think about setting up for the straight between corners which is the most important part. Your line looked pretty good but I think you were trying to carry just a bit too much speed into the corner at the expense of getting a little better exit. i haven't AX'ed my RWD, but I am pretty sure you still need to drive it like a HP car, not a momentum car. I think that will also help a lot with the traction control not kicking in quite as much. Also, see if you can't get just a bit closer to the apexes, in AX six inches away from the cone is way too far to be really fast.

one.more.again | 09. Juli 2019

Spot on JAD, my earlier runs were worse, I was braking way too late especially into the sharpest corners. I wish I could have gone back on Sunday as it just kept getting better with every run, I'm sure I could have trimmed another second or two. I guess that is a bit part of the challenge of AX though, that you have to get it done in a small number of runs.