Tesla Dashcam

Tesla Dashcam

Sandman89 | 09. Juli 2019

Is there a Tesla Dashcam for Autopilot 1 available.On Amazon it was available in th epast but now saying unavailable.Tesla Dashamm Autopilot 2 is available,can it fit in my Model X 2016 Auotpilot 1.

Vawlkus | 10. Juli 2019

Autopilot 1 has never been capable of acting as your dashcam, only AP 2.5 and up can do that | 10. Juli 2019

Not sure what dashcam you're referring to. Generally there is nothing special about the X that requires a custom dashcam just for it. Any dashcam will work - but the wiring can be tricky on the X, no matter which dashcam you pick. Here's my guide to dashcams that may help:

There have been some dashcams that attach to the mirror (and may be why one is rated for AP1 vs AP2, where the AP cameras get in the way. I've found most of these are fairly low-spec dashcams, and I think you'd be better off just attaching the dashcam to the windshield to the side or below the windshield AP module, where it does't matter if you have AP1 or 2. | 10. Juli 2019

@Vawlkus - It's a bit confusing, but I think Sandman is talking about a third-party dashcam that was stated as designed specifically for Tesla, not the built in dashcam of HW2.5. I saw some of these products a year back or two, but was not all that impressed with the price/performance level.

Sandman89 | 10. Juli 2019

Yes I am talking about third party Tesla Dashcam and I am putting it down for Model X Autopilot 2 version.This attach directly in front of the mirror by removing the front cover of the mirror.It is available on Amazon.
Car Dash Camera, Tesla Dashcam with Sony 322 Sensor, Noveteck 96655, 1080P FHD, 170 Wide-Angle, Built-in WiFi, G-sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Night Mode, APP(Android, IOS) | 11. Juli 2019

@Sandman - I see it now:

If it works, it has decent specifications (better than the Tesla built in front camera). I did notice the reviews were not positive, although looks like one bought it for the Model S, which it is not designed for.

Sandman89 | 11. Juli 2019

I noticed the reviews are not good.Second it is for autopilot 2 as it say in question and answer section.Mine is autopilot 1.Any other suggestion.If it work than just look part of the car. | 12. Juli 2019

The only reason it is for AP2, is how the mounting is designed. Almost any dashcam will work with the Model S/X, but they normally mount on the windshield. My favorite is the BlackVue 900S, but it is also fairly expensive. (with 128GB card, there are lower cost versions with smaller card, but you don't need or want Power Magic in some bundles).

I've used 1080p, 1440p and now 2160p (4K) dashcams over the years, and resolution really matters. I just had a break in, and got the thief on my dashcam. Even though the thief's car was way off to the side, I could just make out the license plate. With a lower res camera, it would have been a blur. I passed photos onto the police. I'll write up more about this in a few days with all the gory photos!

Sandman89 | 17. Juli 2019

Can I use connection wire by removing the part of back cover of the mirror.I have seen it on installation video on you tube. | 17. Juli 2019

I don't think there is always on power at the Model X mirror area. Here's a more comprehensive video I found, which does both a front and rear cameras. It's far from simple.

Sandman89 | 18. Juli 2019

OK my question is that connection at the mirror may not be a continuous one but if it is there than how could I connect any third party dash com to it.Does it need any special connector wire. | 19. Juli 2019

@Sandman89 - I updated my dashcam guide to include the X connections and which color wires to use. Ideally, some kind of extension cable, like the one I designed for the S would help, but you can tap into the wires as well. The connectors are different in the X, so my S cable solution will not directly work.

Go to and skip down to the "Model X" power section.