Autopilot nag, seems less aggressive recently?

Autopilot nag, seems less aggressive recently?

Has anyone noticed that autopilot nag seems to have been less aggressive in the past 45 days?

Curious if this is temperature/humidity related, a software tweak, or I am just getting lucky.


dougk71 | 11. Juli 2019

You didn't state the Software version but I'm on 2019.20.4.2 and I feel it is better than before. Yes it is less aggressive and seems to allow a lighter touch when holding the wheel in autopliot. It also seems to smooth out the braking and acceleration in traffic. Overall a great step in the direction to more human like driving.

cmichael | 11. Juli 2019

@dougk71 Your right, 2019.20.4.2 for a baseline.

The less aggressive behavior may have slipped in before though. I tend to only use this on trips with more highway usage and may not have noticed. Here is to hoping that hand to steering wheel is due to programming versus other reasons.


jayarr | 11. Juli 2019

yes, I'm on 2019.20.4.2 and the improvements to AP are noticeable. Lane changes and braking when vehicle in front slows down are much smoother and natural, nags are less frequent, all in all much more pleasant for the driver and passengers.

Hammonddave | 14. Juli 2019

I just finished a 3000 mile road trip where I used Advance AP 90% of the time. I must say that i was locked out of AP three times when I had my hand on the wheel. Whats worse is that the car still would suddenly decelerate with no cars around me. Also, my screen freezes several times a day. I have a 2018 S with the latest software. Also, Dog Mode almost killed my dog yesterday. Stopped in Vegas and the temp rose in my. CR from 67 degrees to 75 in ten minutes. I ran back to the car as I did not trust the Dog Mode keeping my dog safe. Very frustrating. Made a mobile service apt for next week.