Latest Service Center Experience

Latest Service Center Experience

I have a 2013 MS. I want to share my experience this week at the Agoura Hills Tesla Service Center in So. Ca. This is so you know what to expect next time you are in for service. I am aware that Tesla has changed the procedures at their service centers. First, no loaner or car wash. I was given a $500 Uber voucher which I used because they kept the car overnight.

I brought the car in to have it checked over before the 4 yr. warranty expires next month. I asked to have the brake calipers cleaned and lubed, since I've had a dragging caliper in the past that wore down the brake pads on one wheel. They performed this, along with flushing/refilling the brake fluid. Cost was $165. I asked them to check the alignment, they test drove the car and decided the alignment was fine. Cost: $58.50. I asked them to fix a rattle in the lift back. They performed the repair, cost $97.50. I figured this would be covered under warranty, like in the past. However, I was told that they are not covering things like this anymore on the older cars, just on the new cars. They checked tire tread depth, apparently did not measure brake pad thickness. I requested new wipers. Charge was $9.75. I asked for new key fob batteries, they charged $24.20 for batteries and $9.75 for labor. Their hourly rate is now $195. They did not make any other service or repair suggestions, beyond what I requested.

Total cost with tax, etc. was $367.75.

So, in the past I would have paid a flat charge of maybe $750 for a two year service that covered everything. The new business model costs a lot less, as long as you don't need a lot of things done. They are now charging for every individual repair and service. I have been a loyal customer at this center for several years and I know the manager. I'm fine with how they are doing things now; I am a Tesla supporter and I want to see the company survive and prosper. I hope that this new service approach will possibly result in the Service Centers at least breaking even or better. Any comments?

Silver2K | 11. Juli 2019

$24 for batteries? Why not change them yourself?

ST70 | 11. Juli 2019

"I asked to have the brake calipers cleaned and lubed, since I've had a dragging caliper in the past that wore down the brake pads on one wheel. They performed this, along with flushing/refilling the brake fluid. Cost was $165."

That's a good deal in my mind! I hate flushing brake fluid

dougk71 | 12. Juli 2019

$9.75 for labor to change a FOB battery. I had a Mercedes and they had a minimum 15 min charge The 15 mins cost $30 at that time. I ordered floor mats from the dealer and when I got the bill they charge $30 to put them in the car. No not installing them just putting them in the trunk for me to install later.
We all know dealers make more money on service than on sales and there is no control dealer to dealer. What on dealer charges another might waive the cost.
With Tesla the prices are the same for all. Sure at times they can seem high but you know that the owner standing next to you pays the same price for the same service.

Mathew98 | 12. Juli 2019

OP was just overjoyed that he only paid half the price of what he expected.

dgibson2 | 13. Juli 2019

I forgot to mention one other thing about my recent Service Center experience. While the car was in the shop, my Tesla app indicated "car in service" and was otherwise non-functioning. After I paid the charges, the service advisor re-activated the app and it then functioned as before.

AmpedRealtor | 13. Juli 2019

I love the new service menu. No more overpriced annual service! Now it's $150 if you want an alignment, $60 if you want wiper blades (whaaaat?), etc.

AERODYNE | 13. Juli 2019

Am dreading my 4yr service. Visited Agoura hills, they would not sell me parts, or give me parts,, even though they should have under warranty. They seemed very busy as well.

Went to SB SvC, after an hour, was able to get the parts I needed and was happy to pay for them. If I can't get a ranger to do the work, will be my first choice.

Thanks to the OP for the trip report. Will post mine on Santa Barbara.

heartbeat | 13. Juli 2019

Cost me $725 back in January for 4-year service but I don't know what they did as there was no breakdown

Ohmster | 13. Juli 2019

^Call them. Ask for it to be sent to you. Last time I was in, gave them a list of all the service records I had. Asked they email the missing ones.

AERODYNE | 13. Juli 2019

Ohmster +1. Van Nuys SC even gave me records of service done since new, by prior owner. Saved me a bunch as a lot had already been done.

Nexxus | 15. Juli 2019


Just think what the 4yr service for a Mercedes Benz would have been. $2K minimum I bet.

dcpalmer | 15. Juli 2019

I've just tried to schedule the third-year service out of my pre-paid four-year service plan. Complete disaster! Tesla service really has plumbed new depths!

- there's not way to speak with a human being; everything now has to go via the app
- no way to confirm how long things will take
- will I get a loan car?
- will they order the parts they promised for my last visit, but then forgot to order?

I'm over an hour's drive from my nearest service centre, so I need to make sure things are in order, otherwise I'm wasting 2.5 - 3 hours of driving for nothing.

I tried calling customer services. Got stuck on hold for 15 minutes, then got put on hold for another 15 minutes whilst the agent tried to find someone who could speak with me. She promised to (try to) get someone to call me back within the next hour - and that didn't happen either.

So, I now have a "virtual" service scheduled with no idea as to whether or not I'll get a loan car (it's a long, 60-mile walk home if they don't give me a loan car), how long it will take, if the various work needed to be done will get done and so on. Most unsatisfactory - and certainly not what I would have expected for the top-of-the-range (P100DL) model that cost me £130K - not far off the cost of a Bentley.

If service continues like this, my next car will NOT be a Tesla.

Bighorn | 15. Juli 2019

Many folks, myself included, have reported getting texts from service within minutes of scheduling an appointment via app. Some are very resistant to change, especially old people.

Bill_75D | 15. Juli 2019

@dcpalmer - So, did you get a text response within minutes of scheduling your "virtual" service appointment like Bighorn and many folks do?

johncrab | 15. Juli 2019

Credit where it is due here. Tesla isn't about the service upsell. They take the GM approach of, "Fix it when it breaks". A Toyota dealer will present a menu of ungodly expensive and unnecessary crap saying, "It's due" (and they think an alignment is "due" any time the car is driven and it is $300. There's a bit of perspective.) Tesla is clearly stepping away from preventative maintenance which is mostly always money down the drain and going to the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach. This is a good thing. They also don't want the SCs jammed with nonsense jobs when they have serious issues to address.

dgibson2 | 15. Juli 2019

@Nexxus - Major service for any of the German luxury/sport autos is going to be well over $2k now, particularly at the dealer. I'm not complaining about what I paid at all, but I do have a $100K car to maintain. I believe in preventive maintenance; repairs can be costly on these cars. I came away from the service visit feeling that it will be mostly my responsibility to see that the car is properly maintained. They may end up changing this business model in the future.