Body repair

Body repair

I have a small dent on front right door, took it to recommended authorized body shop. The cost to repair the dent, match the paint is $2000. The question is who to blame? Tesla for not thinking about extra cost of removing parts? (The estimator told me other car companies build the car so that multiple parts can be replaced without need of disassemble of the whole car)
Or, body shops taking advantage of opportunity since not many are certified to do the job. The estimator compared my car to Maserati, really? this is what you come up with to justify the high labor cost?

calvin940 | 16. Juli 2019



1. He is cross posting the same message in multiple threads
2. He can talk about his experience without subjecting us to his "Tesla, I am indignant about ..."
3. That email really only does him a disservice because a service person is going to look at that email and just say what an ass.

When was the last time you sent a "I have worked in manufacturing in the electric....." tirades that yielded the results you wanted?

When was the last time you a non-invested service employee a "...could be the death of Tesla" because something happened not to your liking? Did they really think/care that based on your word, "oh my gosh if I don't help this person, it could be the death of my company"?

Or what about "It is either incompetence or ignorance, ". Really? You are telling a wage person about how they are in a no win situation and expect them to reward you with the utmost cooperation and sympathy? really?

Come on.. even you aren't that short-sighted. They don't want a giant narrative of your life history and why you feel qualified to judge them or their company.

These kinds of. "I expect", "I have worked", "make me feel good or your company will be dead" or "what I have experienced is either incompetance or ignorance" are never going to be successful. All you end up doing is just sounding like a dick.

vmulla | 16. Juli 2019

Each person expresses themselves differently. If it's not inappropriate then what can we say. As you know even inappropriate language is acceptable here, why not legit concerns.
You're right, posting multiple places does do a disservice. Perhaps a owner only post started for the purpose would get better legitimacy. To each his own.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. Juli 2019

Yelling with all caps at the end of an email is most effective, highly recommended, not.

calvin940 | 16. Juli 2019


I absolutely don't have a problem with legit concerns, but that email just reminds me of that blustering guy at the airport gate counter talking to the airline representative about how they cannot believe that this flight delay is happening to them, how they are going to miss out on such and such, and/or that they work for a fortune 500 company blah blah, or I want to speak to your supervisor, yadda yadda

You can absolutely be upset about something, but I will tell you, how you treat people will absolutely impact how are you treated back. If I were the recipient of that email, if I didn't put it in the spam box right off the bat, at the very least I would shove it to the bottom of the list of people I have to serve.

I can pretty much guarantee, the majority of people would too.

vmulla | 16. Juli 2019

Here's how I see it.

Post is not inappropriate
Issue is legit
Expression of the concern is not ideal

That's just me.

calvin940 | 16. Juli 2019

The unfortunate part is that this person is already upset and will likely not get the kind of attention he is seeking with that kind of communications. This will ultimately lead to the individual being more upset and also being someone who will continue to tell everyone about how unhappy he is with Tesla I am trying to say that he didn't really set himself up for a positive communication. | 16. Juli 2019

@calvin - Yet, I suspect all the people he tells this long winded story will quickly tune out with an eye roll and see how quickly they can get out of the persons long winded diatribe. It's bad enough that many consider Tesla owners rich and perhaps privileged, no matter where you are on the economic spectrum. This kind diatribe doesn't help and I suspect as he tells someone of this woe, they will secretly see less of an issue about Tesla and more about how he's deserves the problems he's having of his own making. Sad for all of us.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 16. Juli 2019

If I were in the same situation, I would have sent a very similar email. I can't say whether or not I would post it in it's entirety on this forum. I would probably just vent here.
Don't get me wrong, I love my Model 3, but that doesn't excuse waiting more than a month for parts every time they are ordered. That appears to be the rule and not the exception.
I hope I don't have to deal with that situation (damage to my car), it would stress me out knowing that I'll have to wait 1-3 months to get my car back. At least I won't miss any work, being retired and all. ;-)