Charging port won’t accept the charging cable.

Charging port won’t accept the charging cable.

2013 85S 75,000 miles

For the last 2 days I have been unable to charge my MS. The charging port will open, but no white light (no lights at all), just a persistent clicking sound after the charging port opens.
Tried a reboot, a hard reboot, tried charging several times in past two days.
Going in for service this afternoon.
Anyone else have this problem?

jordanrichard | 12. Juli 2019

The clicking that you are most likely hearing is the pin at the bottom of the charge port retracting and then popping back into place. This pin is what holding the charging cable handle in place. Sounds like it is faulty.

PrescottRichard | 12. Juli 2019

That sounds bad. Maybe make sure there’s nothing in that notch under the connector blocking the pin from doing its job?

Good luck!

Bighorn | 12. Juli 2019

Long shot, but did you try opening from the screen? I’ve seen bad cables that wouldn’t plug in. May be the port solenoid.

Qwiksilver | 12. Juli 2019


I did try that. At the service center now.
Will keep you posted.
Thanks all for your comment.

Qwiksilver | 14. Juli 2019

Got the car back. It was a filthy charging port. Replaced under warranty.

Qwiksilver | 14. Juli 2019

It was a faulty charge port.
Hate autocorrect.

trixiew | 14. Juli 2019

So it clean? Nicely cared for car.

Bill_75D | 14. Juli 2019

You must have purchased the extended warranty. Did they charge you $200 deductible?

Bighorn | 14. Juli 2019

It’s about $500 out of warranty, so ripe for goodwill depending.

barrykmd | 14. Juli 2019

Seems goodwill has disappeared, except for you, BH.

redacted | 14. Juli 2019

How did you get a service appointment inside of two weeks when you can't contact the service center anymore?

Bighorn | 14. Juli 2019

Service spot availability is online.

GHammer | 14. Juli 2019

Online availability for my service center is 3 days.

Bighorn | 14. Juli 2019

It was two days in Devon and three in Cherry Hill.

Qwiksilver | 15. Juli 2019

@Bill...I do have the extended warranty and they did charge the $200 deductible

@redacted...I drove to the service center and explained the problem. They fit me into the schedule.

Qwiksilver | 16. Juli 2019

I inquired...the service center said $300 out of warranty.

Bighorn | 16. Juli 2019

It would have been $300 for the colored LED ring. For my car I paid:

Unit Price

Bighorn | 16. Juli 2019

That doesn’t include labor.