Good phone holder?

Good phone holder?

Has anyone found a good phone holder for a tesla S? I bought one that attached to the a/c vent and it was terrible. Any specific models out there that work?

akikiki | 12. Juli 2019

Yep, Yo pocket. :) Like they say on People's Court, Don't text and drive.

TexByTheSea | 12. Juli 2019

I've had the magnetic phone holder by Abstract Ocean for two years now and have loved it. The only wrinkle is for my newest phone (S10+) I like to use the wireless charging, and in order to use that feature the magnet has to be all the way at the bottom of the back of the phone. But with the magnet so low and off-center, it is not very stable and will occasionally fall off in a tight Tesla turn. I am looking for a stronger magnet to hold it better, may try a replacement from Abstract Ocean since I've had mine for awhile.

Offset | 12. Juli 2019

+1 for abstract ocean. Larger size works well with iPhone X

kerryglittle | 13. Juli 2019

+ 1 @akikiki. Why would you need one unless you want to be distracted? You have a huge GPS for directions and you can add Waze on the bottom screen. Way to many people on their phones while driving these days. Your life or others aren't worth the risk. Please drive safe.

PBEndo | 14. Juli 2019

@kerryglittle and aikikiki
I have my phone mounted on the dash (custom magnetic mount with wireless charging, ludicrous proof) for Waze, never for texting. Waze on the phone is much better than on the touchscreen. I have one-touch shortcuts to my frequent destinations on the main screen that will open Waze with the route entered automatically. The arrival times, re-routing, and alerts are all superior to Waze on the in-dash touchscreen. In addition, it is closer to eye level.