Double pressing on parking button equivalent for Model 3

Double pressing on parking button equivalent for Model 3

So on my Model S I can trigger autoparking whether forward or backward by double pressing on parking button. For Model 3 that doesn't work. Why? Is there an equivalent combo?

hokiegir1 | 14. Juli 2019

This equivalent doesn't seem to have made it to the 3 yet. Currently, you have to identify a spot, drive VERY SLOWLY past it until the P icon pops up, put the car in reverse, and then a "start" button comes up on the screen to press. As I also understand it, in the S, you could leave the car after double pressing? Not an option in the 3 at this time. If that's not correct on the S, sorry....I don't have one, but it was something I'd read.

Tronguy | 14. Juli 2019

Um. Drive slowly, wait for the "P" symbol to appear on the screen, tap that, then put into reverse, remove hands?

EVRider | 14. Juli 2019

That feature is actually Summon, not Autopark, which works as @Tronguy said. The Model 3 manual says you can use the Park button to initiate Summon from inside the car — are you sure you’ve disabled the “Require Continuous Press” option in the Summon settings?