Recording Dashcam Video on USB Drive

Recording Dashcam Video on USB Drive

I have followed all procedures to set up a recommend USB drive. When I plug it into my Model S (has EAP), I only see the Sentry icon on top of the screen. Believe I should be seeing a camera icon that allows me to download recordings. The USB drive has data recorded on it but it's not in a view-able format. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks! | 15. Juli 2019

Is your car a HW2.0 model? If so, there is no video dashcam ability. You must have HW2.5 or later. This guide shows when different HW versions went into production:

reed_lewis | 15. Juli 2019

The sentry icon appears when stopped. The dashcam icon appears when driving if you have a USB stick plugged in with the appropriate folder created.

The stick must be a FAT32 partition, not a NTFS or exfat, or anything else. If you purchase a stick and create the folder, it most likely will not work because most will be created with another partition type. | 15. Juli 2019

@reed - The clue is he has data recorded on it, but not video. That's a classic sign he has HW2.0 and no dashcam feature is available in HW2.0.

rxlawdude | 15. Juli 2019

Actually, the dashcam icon is present whether driving or parked. It is in addition to the sentry icon.

thework99 | 15. Juli 2019

Thank you for such an herculean solution. Totally agreed with the concept. It really worked for me.

EVRider | 15. Juli 2019

@thework99: What, no spam URLs?

jeb166 | 15. Juli 2019

how do you view the Sentry Mode events? they should put it on the app. | 15. Juli 2019

@jeb166 - It's been suggested. Right now, you need to view it into a PC/tablet. Some newer phones can also read a USB drive, but you'll need an adapter to go from the flash drive USB to the connector on your phone (which also depends on which phone you have).

tanvirsinghsuri | 16. Juli 2019

Thank you, that was the issue. My car was manufactured in April 2017, so it's HW 2.0. Does that mean the dashcam feature does not exist or does it mean I cannot download videos on a USB? It does show a 'recording' message when Sentry is turned on and someone gets close to the car. | 16. Juli 2019

@tanvirsinghsuri - Yep, it's not really recording anything on a HW2.0 car. There was talk about sentry video being uploaded to Tesla's server, but never verified. If true, there is no way to get such video yet.

Think of it as Sentry Lite for us HW2.0 owners. Better than nothing :)