Failed to Turn On Climate - App Error

Failed to Turn On Climate - App Error

Hi there,

As of a couple months ago, turning on the climate control from the iOS App is intermittent. I'm getting the message "Failed to turn on climate" about every other start.

2016 Model S 75
Software 2019.20.4.2 66625e9

For example, if I turn on climate control in the morning before work, it'll work. Then, I park the car at work, and try to turn on climate for lunch and it'll fail. Then ready to go home, try it, and it'll work. Seems to be every other time. Being on wifi/LTE doesn't make a difference.

If the temperature is blank in the App, it more than likely will work. If there is a temperature showing, it will likely not work, especially if the interior is triple digits. If it's hotter than about 110 inside, it'll never work.

Tried the soft and medium reboots, no luck.

Anybody else?? Any found work-around's??


EVRider | 16. Juli 2019

When this happens, is the app able control other functions in the car?

bluecookiemonster | 16. Juli 2019

Yes - everything else works perfect!! Starting, unlocking, trunk, no problem!!

rickrparker | 16. Juli 2019

I get a similar issue. I am rather new 30 day owner Mod S 19. When I turn the AC on remote on the APP, works fine but the app seemingly stays ON when I get in and start rolling. The APP on the phone shows ON as I am moving. No problems. If I turn the APP off while moving the AC turns off, no worries just roll the fan speed wheel. I find myself always second guessing when I park and wall away APP still shows on on my iPhoneX. But as I monitor well away from the car, the temp indicator on the APP goes up so I know the AC is not engaged. My sense is that once your are in the car, the APP should return to the OFF mode? Nothing is a big deal, but just a bit buggy. Cheers

EVRider | 16. Juli 2019

@rickrparker: Turning on AC with the app is just like turning it on in the car -- it stays on until you turn it off or leave the car. Once you're in the car, why would you use the app to turn AC on and off instead of using the touchscreen?