Thoughts on Lowering Model 3

Thoughts on Lowering Model 3

My Luna is only a month old at this point and less window tint I’m enjoying the car as is. In my research I’ve found the Tsportline lowering springs to get a similar look to the Performance model on the dual motor and SR+. As i make my build list I’m concerned about lowering the car aftermarket (Clearance for battery, lowering on factory struts, and ride quality) but i’m sure it will look/handle great. I love this car in windy roads and I think a lower stance will enhance my experience. Any thoughts on this?


jimglas | 16. Juli 2019

My thought: not needed, it handles very well now.

jrpierceii346 | 16. Juli 2019

I’m such a worrier I probably would be to chicken to do it. I lowered a mustang once and there were more drawbacks than benefits.

lbowroom | 16. Juli 2019

Dropped mine with coil overs. Actually more spring travel with the coil overs allows for better damping and smoother ride. Not cheap though.

AWDTesla | 16. Juli 2019

Daily? Don't do it.

Weekend/track warrior, go nuts!

lbowroom | 16. Juli 2019

The MPP comfort coil overs are great for daily.

jrpierceii346 | 16. Juli 2019

I bet that looks amazing and you don’t have the worry of pairing aftermarket with Factory. The smarter option for me would probably be to wait and do it right as you have.

I daily drive my car but not as a commuter. Mostly shuttling my kids around and whatever bs i can come up with to go for a ride haha. Freakin love this car. Though I doubt it’ll ever see a track, I really enjoy taking the twisties in it. I guess that makes me a weekend warrior. Coil overs is the best way to go but as Ibowroom pointed out not cheap.

jrpierceii346 | 16. Juli 2019


Oooooh those are adjustable. That’s awesome. Like you said pricey but very cool. I think Luna will look awesome with a subtle drop around 1” or a little less but I really like the idea of being able to fine tune it. They’re sold out right now BTW. Must be a great product.

lbowroom | 16. Juli 2019

I was thinking an inch also but ended up a little lower

gmr6415 | 16. Juli 2019

LR AWD. I just took a trip to a large tire repair franchise and even with the stock height they had a hard time getting their lift under it with my lift pads.

I would say that's just a consideration, but if adjustable probably not an issue.

lbowroom | 16. Juli 2019

Not adjustable on the fly. Lift pads aren't required on a pro lift.

StealthP3D | 16. Juli 2019

I saw a YouTube video stating 7% more efficient from standard height to performance height; it wasn't scientific.

lbowroom | 16. Juli 2019

That’s not why I lowered it, but nice to know. May help offset the loss due to the sticky 275 tires in the back

jrpierceii346 | 16. Juli 2019

That looks really good. Looks tasteful and not slammed. We'll see if I dont get impatient Haha.

We probably saw the same video. May have been teslanomics. Great content on that channel. And there has to be some efficiency benefit there at a lower hieght.

Good food for thought. I plan to get the air hockey paddles for the just in case. Maybe I'll run by Les Schwab and see what they have to say.

ODWms | 16. Juli 2019

@Lbowroom, very nice setup. As stated above, lowered, but very tastefully so. And the wheels at very nice. I’ve seen few aftermarket wheels that I think look good on these cars. These definitely work.

StealthP3D | 18. Juli 2019

@lbowroom, I have the performance with 20", I never got 310miles on a full charge. But I did get 250 miles in chill mode on the highway staying under 75mph. But for sure the car looks nicer closer to the ground.

gmr6415 | 18. Juli 2019

@jrpierceii346, Another thought...damaging the front end of the car when pulling up to parking lot stop-curbs. At stock height the front of the car just barely fits over them.

You do get a distance warning from the sensors, but I find it less effective since they added the "zoom in" "zoom out" affect to the animation.

terminator9 | 18. Juli 2019

Take it to the zoo and have an elephant step on it. Easy peazy!

lbowroom | 18. Juli 2019

Yes, I have to stop short of most parking logs and I have to stop before rolling over larger speed bumps, but I haven't found it debilitating. I don't need to traverse speed bumps sideways or anything. I can always spin the collars and take it up 1/4" at a time. It's not for people who want to rip through parking lots and bump the tires up against the parking log, but most cars with this level of performance can't do that either. BTW, I've never curbed a wheel.