Kukos to Portland SC

Kukos to Portland SC

Went to the SC this morning for an appointment and they were stellar! Kudos to the entire team thereas they were fast, friendly, helpful and knowledgable. Had a minor dash blemish they were able to address and it looks awesome now. Also had the performance spoiler installed and they knocked it out as well during my visit..

Very happy with the Portland SC....

FISHEV | 17. Juli 2019

You mentioned that your software was older version. Did they get the car updated?

MacCadam group are excellent. We hear a lot of horror stories about deliveries. At PDX SC they have the deliveries in a large bay with bright lights. Cars are washed and ready for owners.

First time car told me to update it wouldn't work, drove to MacAdam and they said pull inside and the service Wifi will kick in and the update went smoothly. While there I showed them the issue of the phone as key being erratic. They said known problem and offered the "jiggle the handle" method, didn't really work but knew it was not a problem specific to car or phone.

When lane keeping wasn't working just stopped in to make appointment, instead one of the techs went for a drive in the car with me to confirm it.

He was an LA Tesla refugee, said the centers down there didn't have the same customer service culture as PDX.

We should bring them treats on Thursday. I'll bring two dozen Bowery Bagels.

raqball | 17. Juli 2019

No update for my car. For whatever reason 2019.15.104 is the most recent for my configuration. I assume it’s special in some way and either has an odd component or it’s being used to test something. Looking at TeslaFi it appear not many are on it and some are still on .103 and have not even gotten the .104 update.

But yeah, the Macadam SC peeps are awesome!

FISHEV | 17. Juli 2019

Did you use the app to put the Software Update on Advanced? I did that in hopes of getting the Chademo update for which I paid $450. Sounds like if you are not scheduled by the mother ship, nothing the locals can do. See how far the bagels go .

Techs coming to house today to look at Lane Keeping. Your welcome to ride along 8-10A.

FISHEV | 17. Juli 2019

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raqball | 17. Juli 2019

I am dropping my car off for tint this morning... Debated on 25% or 30% all around and 70% on the windshield.. Ended up going with 30% all around and 70% on the windshield.

Yes software on advanced. I selected it thought the car though and not the app as I don't see a way to do it in the app.

I was told some cars, like mine, are on N1 (or something like that) version, whatever that means. In some way it's special and that could be good or bad I suppose. Maybe it has an oddball component that means it will get less frequent updates or maybe it's just being used to test something we are unaware of..

Last I checked on TeslaFi there are on about 25 cars on my firmware..