Roof rack panels fall off

Roof rack panels fall off

Anyone have issue with the plastic panels that cover the locks on the roof rack falling off?

I installed my roof rack a couple of weeks ago and last Friday came out to my garage and found one of the covers on the ground. I thought that was weird, especially since we've done over 600km since its been installed with 0 issues.

Anyways, go to install it back on the vehicle and that panel will not pop in anymore. Every time I think I have it in, it just pops out. Had to go to the cottage so just used some gorilla tape to secure in place.

I then heard something hit the roof and was pretty sure I knew what it soon as I got to the cottage....yup - the other side went flying off.

Nichtsoschnell | 11. Januar 2020

This just happened to me over the weekend. I have no idea where it went and just wrote to customer service to ask how I can get another one. Driving above 50mph makes a loud whistle without the cover.

Kary993 | 11. Januar 2020

Anyone want to buy my roof rack? Brand new in the box never opened.

Ross1 | 11. Januar 2020

Elon said that Model X roof racks are guaranteed at 135 mph, so check your warranty and Service Center.

bp | 11. Januar 2020

I’m about 6 months in on mine, lots of use, no issues yet. Knock on wood...

surfpearl | 11. Januar 2020

No issues here over >10k roof rack miles, although it did cross my mind during installation that it could happen one day, especially with temperature extremes on ski trips. I made sure to press them firmly in and listen for the engagement "click" on each cover. Also, they get press-checked unintentionally each time I wash the car, so that helps.