18” Aero Rims + the Stock Tires on a Performance Model For Winter?

18” Aero Rims + the Stock Tires on a Performance Model For Winter?

Hey Everyone,

Just curious if the stock 18” aero wheels and tires would fit on a performance model and if so, would they be a good option to swap to for winter driving?

Thanks in advance!

Bighorn | 29. Juli 2019

They don’t fit, though you can get 18s that do which are a good winter choice. I have 18s on my stealth performance without the red calipers and all seasons sufficed for WY winter driving.

jb1120 | 29. Juli 2019

P3D+ owner here. Purchased a set of 18 inch rims with Michelin X-Ice. Very happy with the purchase. Made it through snowy, hilly Seattle snowmageddon easily. The traction is superb. The tires are quieter (!) than the performance tires/rims and they are more energy efficient. Money well spent IMO.

herrmdogg | 30. Juli 2019

Thanks for the feedback folks!

herrmdogg | 30. Juli 2019

Would you guys mind linking the winter rims and tires you have? What do I have to be concerned about when purchasing 18’s to ensure they fit due to the size of the upgraded brakes?

Thanks again!

bubbles0 | 30. Juli 2019

The 18's don't fit if you have performance brakes. You can buy winter rubber for the 20's that will help. You can buy performance winter rubber if it only occasionally snows, or dedicated high end snow tires for frequent snow. I went with a spare set of winter wheels and performance tires, which work well for me. In addition, changing the regenerative braking setting to low during snowy weather helps
Good luck

howard | 30. Juli 2019

herrmdogg, You do need to make sure they are for a Performance with that fit the upgraded brakes (red calipers). Here is what I put on:

Michelin X-Ice from Costco. Could have gotten them mounted from Tirerack but like Costco's service.

herrmdogg | 30. Juli 2019

For those of you that have a Performance model, how necessary do you think new rims/tires are for winter? I live in the Cincinnati area, so sometimes we do we a decent amount of snow/ice/sleet/etc. but since the car is so heavy and AWD, I was thinking that maybe the rim/tire size weren't all that important, all things considered.

Is that just me being clueless about these things?

Thanks as always!

Bighorn | 30. Juli 2019

If you think you can drive with stock summer rubber, that’s not a thing. At a minimum, you need all seasons. 20s are asking for trouble in the winter primarily from pothole damage, but also because the geometry is compromised for traction on snow. You can definitely fit 18s or 19s—there are just some hub and brake fitment issues that are readily solvable.