Navigation Data Download Failing and Retrying

Navigation Data Download Failing and Retrying

Yesterday I found my car with a message saying navigation data would be download when it connected to WiFi. The WiFi connection started about a minute later. I checked on the progress an hour or so later and it was around 95% and not moving. A few hours later when I checked it was around 50%. Apparently it had restarted. This morning I checked and the car indicated that I was up to date. However the navigation data had not been updated. It was still at NA-180906-1605 which I presume means September 6, 2018 at 1605 UTC.

The car had consumed about 13 GB of data in about 24 hours and had nothing to show for it.

13 GB a day would exceed my limit in 20 days.

The right mirror is 10 feet from a wireless access point so signal level is not a problem.

Anyone else have their car trying and failing to download navigation data?

EVRider | 02. August 2019

Is that version number correct? I have the latest version in my car, which is NA-2019.20-10487. The previous version I has was NA-2019.6-xxxx (don’t know the last 4 digits).

I saw the download progress bar in our Model 3, and it didn’t appear to be moving. I didn’t wait for it to finish, so I don’t know how long it took, but it did finish.

murphyS90D | 02. August 2019

Yes the version number is correct.

I read somewhere else that MCU 1 is a 32 bit processor and that means a maximum file size of 4 GB (4294967296).

I also read that the current navigation file is around 5 GB. That is not going to work on a 32 bit processor unless the processor has the capability to handle 64 bit numbers and the car has been programmed to handle them.

nukequazar | 02. August 2019

My car is also parked very close to an access point in my garage, and my internet service is 50 mbps. Nav Maps update only completed after I left the car untouched from Friday night to Monday morning, we’ll over 60 hours. It had been connected overnight many times, and even for 36 hours once but that didn’t do it. I had also tried to get Tesla to do it. They sent out mobile service but the tech forgot to download the file to his laptop so I gave up on that.