First time ChargePoint use

First time ChargePoint use

Is 14-17 mph at 30A normal?
If so, paaaaaaiiiinful!

Xerogas | 03. August 2019

@jimglas: yup, welcome to every other manufacturer’s idea of cross-country driving.

Just be glad it was functional at all — so many are out of order that I fear for getting stuck in some small town. I’m looking at you, Santa Ysabel, CA

jimglas | 03. August 2019

It’s 28 minutes to the nearest supercharger
I am on my way!

SCCRENDO | 03. August 2019

Before the supercharger build out I did a lot more of that. It was useful when I went to San Diego for an evening for a dinner meeting to top up my car for a few hours while eating to get me home. I did a 10 day Oregon trip in early 2014 when superchargers were only available on the 5 freeway. I used them along the coast leaving my car for a few hours. On the way to Crater lake we stopped for a few hours at a campground to top up and hiked in the area. A Chademo would have been useful but was not available. I now have a Chademo which is reasonably quick but have not used it in 3-4 years.

jimglas | 03. August 2019

I drove to the SC, charged and drove back
Saved me a couple of hours

Tesla2018 | 04. August 2019

Jimglas- Did you have your a/c on while charging? A few towns around me have chargers and I tried them out to see how fast they charged. The most I ever got was in the hi 20s but it dropped a lot when down to the teens when having the a/c on when the outside temperature was in the 90s.

I tried the Tesla destination charger at a hotel once and got around 40, but I charge at home and get about 30 so charging overnite is fine, but I wouldnt want to wait in a parking lot for hours until the car was charged.

SamO | 04. August 2019

This is the reality of owning a non-Tesla and looking for fast-charging.


Another example of why other manufacturers can’t even get to 1%.

jimglas | 04. August 2019

yes, I had the AC running to keep from frying

Yodrak. | 04. August 2019

I use Level 2 ChargePoint EVSEs at work, where I need to use the ChargePoint RFID tag to release the plug but the charging is free. Then last month I went for lunch at a restaurant that had a ChargePoint unit so I thought I get a few extra miles to be extra sure I could get back to where I started from. Big mistake, I should have done a bit more homework.

The cost for charging was a flat-fee of $7.00. But ChargePoint doesn't bill you, they take a $10 deposit. But after subtracting the $7 fee ChargePoint replenished the deposit by taking another $10. So my 1-hour charge cost me $20, because it's unlikely I'll ever use ChargePoint again except for the free ones at work. I forget how many kWhr I got, but even at $7 I paid an exorbitant price, $10/gal gasoline would have been a bargain.

jimglas | 04. August 2019

I had a flat charge of $10. Since I gave up and left after 8 miles, it cost me $10 for 8 miles of added range. WOrse than driving a suburban.

PrescottRichard | 04. August 2019


That. Is. Ridiculous.

Crazy. Clearly designed to be unusable on purpose.

Yodrak. | 05. August 2019

"Is 14-17 mph at 30A normal?"

Charging at work today on a ChargePoint I'm getting 19 mph at 204 V, 29 A.

This is after the Leaf I'm sharing the dualport unit with finished charging - initially is was 12 mph at 14 A.

reed_lewis | 05. August 2019

I use a chargepoint charger at work every day. It is pretty slow (5 kW), but it is free for four hours, and I can get 20 kWh in 4 hours which replenishes my battery to 90% for my drive home.

It is not usable when travelling, but electricity is electricity. Free is also good, and convenient trumps having to stop anywhere else.

DonS | 05. August 2019

Yes, 30A is slow. On top of that, commercial locations almost always have three phase power, so the voltage is only 208 V instead of the 240 V most people have at home. 208 V charging adds another 15% to charging time.

Experience teaches drivers to use level 2 chargers only when you happen to be there anyway, or when you cannot make it to a Supercharger.

ebusiness1953 | 11. August 2019

I just completed a trip from Portland, OR to see my sister just south of Atlanta . . . in my leased Chevy Bolt. Although I didn't get stranded, I did spend many hours charging at Electrify America sites (generally Walmarts) and 4-5 hours each way at an EV friendly campground in Utah. I ORDERED A MODEL Y WHEN I REACHED MY SISTER'S HOUSE! I'm glad I made the trip (I'm not getting any younger), but it isn't something I want to do again. I am looking forward to AP and SC!!!!

wytknukls | 11. August 2019

@DonS: From what I know, with three-phase circuits the voltage never goes to zero, so 208V is not a drawback.