Just finished a 5,303 Mile Coast to Coast Round Trip 100% Superchargers

Just finished a 5,303 Mile Coast to Coast Round Trip 100% Superchargers

Hi folks,

I just completed a 5,303 Mile Coast to Coast Road trip (CA to GA and back) with some side excursions to do some amateur photography all using 100% Superchargers (No L2 charging) with my 2018 Model 3. I was a little nervous starting out with the typical fears (will I have to wait in line for chargers?, will there be any gaps in coverage?, what do I do if a charger location is offline?) but got over all that very quickly. Overall the trip was awesome! I thought having to stop to charge every few hours would get old but once I got into the rhythm I actually enjoyed it.

Some Notes/Discoveries:
1] Discovery - There is a "Tesla Void" between El Paso, TX and Mississippi - I saw like 2 other Teslas the entire stretch out and back, lol....where is everyone hiding?
2] Used EAP > 85% of the time. I had 2 instances of having to take over. Both involving Traffic Cones and merging construction traffic. Tesla: Why are these invisible to my EAP? Other than those instances EAP was nice and I was glad to have it.
3] The "Flaggstaff, AZ" location (Way to Hard to find), and the "Birmingham, AL" (have to pay to park to charge unless you validate parking at nearby store) were my *least* favorite chargers. The "Buford, GA" (the local Tesla owners who use the chargers keep a window squeegee and window cleaner available at the site for drivers to use) and the "El Centro, CA" (Near a big mall with a Mexican restaurant nearby that serves good margarita's) were my *most* favorite charger sites.
4] The in car NAV charger status was nearly always wrong. On nearly every location it showed 2 chargers occupied. When I arrived and connected it would then show 3 in use but I would be the only person there. This makes them conservative for planning ok... I guess.
5] Tip: plan the entire trip with a EV Planner app, then execute real-time using the in car map routing. (I long for the day we will get the ability to add multiple way-points and do complex route planning in the car).

I did a youtube video which talks about how I did the planning, route I took, car I used, video clips of the charger locations, and some photos I took of some of the "excursions" I did along the way. May be helpful for others planning similar trips. It's a bit long but some folks may find it useful. Enjoy:

sbeggs | 06. August 2019

Enjoyable video and technical comments.
Reminds us of our 2014 break in run of 5,350 miles on the West Coast/Canada trip in our S85!
Thank you for filming it!

Zugzug01 | 06. August 2019

@sbeggs Thanks! I hope to make a Socal to NW Trip eventually. Glad to hear its doable. How was it in 2014? I assume way more charger options exist now?

NKYTA | 06. August 2019

Nice trip.

On 4) A couple stalls may have been down or reduced power such that the Nav showed them as occupied. Happens more often than we’d like. Sometimes I suspect there is just a comms problem with the mothership, or I’ve gotten extremely lucky.

On 5) Really not needed anymore for the old diehards. ;-). Waypoints would definitely be nice for off the beaten path, and I believe it is a highly upvoted request at On the SC network, plug in what you think your last SC of the day might be and, voila!

Waaay more SCs exist now. We did NorCal to LA and NorCal to Portland in 2013. Some L1 charging required at Destinations. :-)

sbeggs | 06. August 2019

You're right...more planning required 5 years ago.

As to how it was, I will try to find the West Coast/Canada thread on the S forum, and bump it for you. Late night reading if insomniac.

PrescottRichard | 06. August 2019

Zug- any idea what you paid to do the round trip?

I used a better route planner to price out a trip from Prescott, AZ to Titusville NJ (my last hometown in NJ) and it was estimated to be crazy cheap.

geo.teepe | 07. August 2019

I drove from S Cal to the arctic ocean to Tuktoyaktuk. Left the super charging network at Red Deer Alberta, covered 5000 Kms My first super charger was near Seattle.
An EV does not need chargers, it only needs electricity. It can be found in places where no gasoline can be found.

finman100 | 07. August 2019

for reference...My two trips from Albany, OR to Phoenix, AZ were both around $130 ROUND-TRIP. wow these cars (Model 3 Long Range Rear Wheel Drive) are efficient.

These were Supercharger and (overnight) destination charger powered. The Summer trip was cheaper for electrons. Winter does use more juice.

But's an awesome road trip machine!

Go Elon!

finman100 | 07. August 2019

a few more stats...1300 miles one way between the two towns. so 2600-ish miles total round-trip. 2 days of travel with a destination charger equipped hotel in between, both coming and going back.

I can't say enough good things about the car and the Supercharger network. Simply amazing!

Zugzug01 | 07. August 2019

@PrescottRichard Total Supercharger cost for the 5,303 miles was about $236. The most expensive charge stop being the Baker CA stop.

PrescottRichard | 07. August 2019


sbeggs | 08. August 2019

Bumped West Coast Canada trip report in Model S forum for you.

First few pages are gathering data for the 7 week trip. Then, our write ups of impressions of our new, six week old car and charging available at that time!