AP Beta upgrade

AP Beta upgrade

My MS has the Auto Pilot (Beta). I have contacted Tesla several times asking when I will receive the upgrade to non-beta. I have gotten no response. Has anyone been waiting a very long time for their update? It's been out long enough, I think, that it should have gotten to everyone by now.

reed_lewis | 08. August 2019

In Beta does not mean that everyone has not gotten it. It means that it is not considered 'good enough' to be a released product. It is still being worked on and improved each software version.

Bighorn | 08. August 2019

Beta has been the vernacular for years and what you’re asking for does not exist.

wefdenver | 08. August 2019

Hmm.. Thought I read somewhere of an update. Well, that explains it. BTW - Is AP responsible for the sometimes very erratic braking?

Bighorn | 08. August 2019

Quite likely

sldelta58 | 08. August 2019

I have noticed it also. Very seldom but it does happen. Usually when i am trying to change lanes with the AP. If you are abeam or passing a car without sufficient separation it will brake abruptly even if you are much faster than the car you are passing.