MS Delivered. Lessons Learnt, Experience, etc

MS Delivered. Lessons Learnt, Experience, etc

:-) .... We got a Tesla ... :-). To close out my first thread:

Location: Portland, OR (Washington Square Mall)
2019 Model S Pre Raven, 100d, MSM/Cream, EAP, FUSC
Order Placed ($2500/- deposit): 26th Jul, Thur around 8.15PM
Car arrived @ Portland delivery center: 5th Aug, Mon morning
Car delivered (picked up): 7th Aug, noon

On a scale of 1 to 10 I have rated them & this is my Tesla experience.

Ordering Process:
Tesla journey began on 10th July and ended on 7th Aug!!!. In between, we had an assigned car unassigned, PDX Wash Sq Tesla center remaining silent and undefined delivery date!!!.

Dealer 6/10; Steven (sales rep): 8.5/10

I came across Hassan, Kinecta CU employee, on this site & got in touch with him. Within 24 hours I got my loan (2.89% / 48 month term / 20% down / auto pay) approved. Now, this was true nugget in the sand. FWIW, I got pre-approval done through Bank Am (3.19% / 48 month) as well.

Kinecta: 11/10 (yeah there is a 11 on this 'volume' scale!!!)
BankAm: 9/10

Pre Delivery:
Due to intermittent comms going dark from the dealer, I was lucky to find Alec Jenkins at the Macadam delivery center. He was easy to get in touch with & responsive. He picked my calls & answered my Qs in a calm manner. 10/10.

Delivery Experience:
Based on the 'horror stories' that I read, we spent at least 30 to 60 minutes inspecting the car, before handing the check. And we did find a very tiny windshield crack on the bottom left. Fit & finish of the car was A++. Luckly no misaligned panels, etc. 9/10

PDX delivery center is meh. I looked up over 30+ hours of youtube footage about delivery experiences, etc & mine was huge let down. I was hoping to be welcomed & feel special. I saw videos of delivery center clapping, cheering, etc but no such thing here. Another car, another customer, another delivery. FWIW there were less than 5 deliveries when I was there. 5/10.

a) Tesla PDX delivery sits right next to a live railway track & there are no clear visible signs, where the delivery is. Compared to the German auto dealers, I will rate at 6/10.
b) Parking is limited. Very limited. Unless you park on the other side of the tracks on the open lots.
c) My delivery advisor, Joshua, was not knowledgeable & after about 10 minutes, I could sense the boredom. I asked him several Qs about pushing a nav point, opening all doors, etc and the answer was "it can't be done", which was untrue.
d) He checked & told me the front license bracket can be taken off as courtesy; 15 minutes later he tells me if they take it off, I cannot return the car within the 7 day period, since its out of warranty; and another 15 minutes later he comes back & tells me, Tesla will not remove it at all due to safety issues!!! I would give Joshua a 4/10.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, we stuck up a conv' with the OA, Beau Snyder and re-addressed some of our above concerns. He was knowledgeable, listened, shared, responded, etc.

For any new buyer:
- - Create a list - small or big - before going in there. You'll be overwhelmed with the new car, etc that logic and checklists fly out. Come back to reality & make sure you are getting what you were supposed to get. If you get more stuff, treat it as bonus. Don't accept the "within specifications", "Tesla passion", etc cloud your judgement. (If you are that type of person, take a friend with you who is analytical.)

- Prepare for the unexpected. Tesla can/has/will give your assigned car to someone else. Not often, but has happened, like it did for me.
- Line up multiple banks & have some $ buffer just in case, you did not plan for that 'extra fees'.
- Do *not* take possession of a car without checking it first. Non negotiable. Walk away or create a stink there. You *CAN REFUSE* delivery if its not acceptable to you. Its your car, your money, your time. Don't let the delivery dictate those choices for you.

- If this is your first Tesla, drive it slow in the city streets. The instant torque takes some getting used to - at least in my case.
- Join the local chapter or FB group. These folks will know where to get the best accessories, how the local service centers work, etc.
- Enjoy your new car. No regrets. There is no other electric car like Tesla, with this panache. Savor it.

- The clean dash, no buttons, toggles, switches are great. So is the torque to get you out of traffic situations - left lane hoggers, exit ramps, etc.
- The past two days, NoA has been a god send. It shames the other autonomous systems in the MB, Infiniti, Audi imho

Next steps:
I have been tossing this back & forth. One of the key points buying the Tesla is to get-as-close-as-you-can complete experience. And the key Q remains: Will Tesla deliver the EAP to FSD upgrades (stop light & sign recognition) by EOY? Or am I spending $3K to Tesla's R&D fund? I have another 6 days to decide I guess.

Last but not least, these forums have helped me so much. Because of you all, I was lot more knowledgeable about the car when I took delivery & was better for that. A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the members. 10/10

cfishkin01 | 09. August 2019

Didn't you say the scale went to 11 ? We only got a 10 ??

GHammer | 09. August 2019

The delivery videos were probably very old, early days. I took delivery in Portland 4.5 years ago back when it was in a little business park, nothing special back then. Ive worked with both Alec and Beau, they are very good.

2015P90DI | 09. August 2019

I think I probably broke a record for delivery time today. Scheduled for 12:00 PM, was on the road at 12:07 PM. A whopping 7 minutes.

Gone are the white glove service days of arriving and seeing your car in a showroom with a bow on top and the gift bag of goodies that came with it.

No complaints from me. I've done this 9 times before (2 were used cars). So, I've been through the process many times and for me, efficiency was more important. The car was outside with the window sticker and paper plates already on the car when I arrived. Walked in, she pulled out the paperwork which was already prepped and ready, had me sign, I think 4 times, as I had already taken care of the contract and payment online. Had to sign the registration and transfer of ownership. She handed me my two key fobs, a single flyer on how to apply for carpool lane stickers. She said I'll be right back. I walked out, found the car with the key fob, did my own inspection. Before I was done, she was back for the final digital signature that I was taking the car and I was out of t here.

The Tesla rep was very nice. I personally loved the efficiency under my circumstances. May not be the best for everyone. I assume I could have asked for a quick rundown of the features, but didn't need it. For me it was great. I don't need all the fluff of the showroom display. The bag of goodies I used to get would have been nice (hat, t-shirt, mug, pen, etc.)

For me it was great, but I can see where a first time owner may be disappointed, especially one coming from a luxury brand.