Canceling NoAP no confirmation lane changes

Canceling NoAP no confirmation lane changes

We all know (or should) tapping the blue box at the top of the turn by turn list will cancel a lane change while using NoAP without lane confirmation, but has anyone discovered a different method to cancel the lane change?

When the need to cancel the lane change comes up, I don’t want to be looking for a box to tap while a situation is unfolding. Perhaps a tap on the the turn signal stock or pressing the gear lever down to abort the lane change may be a safer way to decline it.

I have to admit I have not tried either of those techniques when the situation unfolds as I’m more interested in traffic flow than experimenting with undocumented features and have not yet remembered to try when safe to do so.

As always, appropriate comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome.

jdcollins5 | 17. August 2019

I think (I believe I have done this before) if you move the turn signal stalk in the opposite direction it will cancel.

Magic 8 Ball | 17. August 2019

Yes turn stalk works to cancel.

gflo808 | 17. August 2019

I recently turned off No Confirmation because the early turn signal with oncoming traffic just isn't just my driving style. Now, while on NOA, I manually use the stalk/turn signal when I feel the time is best when a lane change suggestion occurs.

walnotr | 18. August 2019

Ok, just got back from a short drive to try out my new knowledge. This time I got on the freeway to test canceling the no confirmation lane change.

Indeed, using the turn signal will cancel the lane change as long as the lever is pressed for the direction of the lane change. I also tried canceling a lane change by pushing the turn up to cancel a lane change to the left like you might do when canceling a normal turn signal. That did not work as did the pressing down on the gear selector.

So yes, a NoAP lane change can be canceled by either tapping the blue box on the screen or by pressing the indicator stalk in the same direction as the lane change.

I could not find this in the manual under NoAP but suspected it could work this way.

Tronguy | 18. August 2019

@M8B: Yup, saw your comment. And, with NoA running this morning, tried the cancel method you described (flipping the turn signal in the opposite direction).
The good news: It worked, the notification cleared. (And then came back, because that's what NoA does..)
The bad news: the turn signal for the direction the turn signal lever was flipped went off. So, if NoA wanted me to go left, hitting the turn signal to go right cancelled the left notification, but turned on the right turn signal.

Wouldn't surprise me if I'm Doing It Wrong, but is that your experience, too? The turns signal lights flipping on/off like that might confuse following drivers...

Magic 8 Ball | 18. August 2019

@Tronguy I really cannot comment on the wrong or right of it but if I choose to cancel I flip the stalk whatever which way until I get the result I want ; ).

skygraff | 18. August 2019

Another nifty trick is to take pressure off of the steering wheel. Even though it doesn’t need confirmation, the system does do a verification of your presence/complicity before engaging the lane change.

Personally, I’m disappointed in its decision making process and feel that they need to incorporate the rear camera (or even some rear facing radar) in order to improve awareness of overtaking vehicles. The fact that it will signal and even start a lane change then cancel just means that nobody will pay attention to my signals (boy who cried “wolf”).

On a side note, I’ve come to the realization that using NoA with passengers is a sure way to anti-sell the Tesla experience. When it makes poor choices and I correct, even if I keep my mouth shut, the jerkiness and/or chimes (even if I’m super smooth) raise eyebrows. Certainly, the lack of basic cruise control and prevalence of phantom braking make long road trips a crap shoot for the whole “just ride in one and you’ll love it” word of mouth sales approach.

(Topic drift...)

Tronguy | 18. August 2019

@M8B: Yup, so one flip to the right to cancel NoA to the left, then another flip to the left to cancel the turn signal, but, Watch It! NoA thinks one is going to the left... My brain is too confused.
M8B: Cute hack, but my opinion: Not Ready For Prime Time :).

Magic 8 Ball | 18. August 2019

@tronguy I am not afraid of breaking stuff so I do a lot of trial by fire learning. ; )

BuffaloBillsFan | 18. August 2019

I don’t even have auto lane change anymore! Not available for my software version. Do others still have auto lane change?

CST | 18. August 2019

If my memory serves me, they were removing all features from the cars belonging to Buffalo Bill's fans. /s

casun | 18. August 2019

i believe you’re correct, cst. and transferring those features to dolphins fans.

BuffaloBillsFan | 18. August 2019

Hehe, @CST and @casun. Tesla is a winner. The Dolphins . . . ? Do you seriously believe they will win even 5 games this season?

They in fact sent me an e-mail saying that I will receive the earliest updates simply by being a Bills fan.

In all seriousness though I don’t have an option for automatic lane change anymore. Do others still have that option?

And yes, Dolphins fans, I realize that my team has only made the playoffs once in the last 18 years. No need to rub it in.

SalisburySam | 19. August 2019

@BBF, I still have auto lane change on 24.4. Used it many, many times on recent trip. LR RWD EAP/FSD.

hokiegir1 | 19. August 2019

@BBF - Do you have AP or EAP? Lane changes are not included with AP (you need FSD with that package), but with the old EAP, they were.

Tronguy | 19. August 2019

Got EAP (for free, even!) with the car back in 9/2018. All the updates have kicked in, resulting in NoAP, Summon, and all that. It definitely has lane change.