Anyone order a MX in August and received A VIN? If so, when did you get the VIN, and what specifications?

Anyone order a MX in August and received A VIN? If so, when did you get the VIN, and what specifications?

Noblelr3 | 19. August 2019

I ordered MX LR 6 seat, 22" black on black. August 10, nothing back from tesla yet.

teodor.suveica1 | 19. August 2019

I ordered MX LR 7 set, 20" Black on Black. August 3,
Got vin arround August 15 got VIN, August 21 Delivery scheduled

Noblelr3 | 19. August 2019

Wow Teo, thanks for the feedback. Looks like they may be getting into the August orders. Congrats.

rsusi | 20. August 2019

Ordered my Model X, 5 seater, long range, full self-driving capability on 13 August, no info on delivery as of 20 August. When ordering the Model X it stated on the bottom of the screen, one to two weeks delivery. I wonder if that was on certain Model X's that they had in inventory, but all others would take longer?

Noblelr3 | 20. August 2019

I was given the same 2 week time frame when I ordered, and when I call the tesla store they also verbally are sticking by that time frame.

mrfeb14th | 20. August 2019

I heard 2 to 3 weeks for delivery from the time order is confirmed. I ordered and confirmed on Aug.11, no new up date. Was told it would be faster if i was willing to accept a inventory model but they couldn't find one with the build i wanted.

Noblelr3 | 20. August 2019

Be patient. It will feel so much better to us all of we just hang in there and get a fresh off the line, never touched X. It's really hard and exciting though.

911X | 20. August 2019

Aug 10. LR Metallic silver on white, 6 seat, FSD. Confirmation, but no vin.

iasen424 | 20. August 2019

I placed an order for a M3 LR pearl white with black interior on Aug 9. I had to do a new build, as no inventory models fit the description. I am based in Reno, Nv. I went in for a test drive and ordered online before I left. I was given a 1-3 week timeline, as the sales guy has seen some in a week less than the target timeframe and others take a week longer. I accepted the financing terms on Aug 10. As of today, I have not received a VIN.

I have completed the profile/order, except for the insurance section, as I am waiting on the VIN. I called on Aug 16, and was asked to be patient (which I am very patient, just wanted to know if not putting the insurance info in was delaying the process) that one ordered on Aug 3, was delivered on Aug 16. Though, I wasnt told when that VIN was made available. Otherwise, I have not heard anything.

john71144 | 20. August 2019

We ordered MX long range, 7 seat, white/white, on 8/3, received vin on 8/6, picked it up on 8/10. We were surprised how fast it was. Maybe we got lucky with the configuration. Good luck to everyone waiting!

Noblelr3 | 21. August 2019

Still no VIN issued except for John for any of us August orders? I'm getting worried now because there is a lot of production line problems surfacing. I ordered black on black 22" wheels LR MX on 8/10. No word at all yet.

Uncle Paul | 23. August 2019

What production line problems are you talking about?

Noblelr3 | 23. August 2019

Just from what folks are spreading rumors about online. I just got a call from my SA stating my timeline just went from 2 weeks to delivery to now a 4-6 week delivery. Two week date would be tomorrow. Ordered 8/10 for west coast delivery.

iasen424 | 23. August 2019

Update: Still no VIN as of 8.23. Ordered 8.9. I did call again, they gave no new info, just to expect 2-6 weeks. I mentioned it has been 2 weeks already. They said it could be any day for the VIN and delivery will be faster since I am on the west coast.

Side note: it all seems so obvious that they cant provide precise info and there currently is nothing in place to track progress of a build. When I had a mini cooper built 4 years ago, every where it was scanned I received an update to know where it was in the process and what I could expect next. If only tesla had something similar, they would field/respond to less inquiries. Here is to hoping we all receive our VINs in the next week or so.

iasen424 | 23. August 2019

Also, this was the only thread I could find in regards to missing VINs. So, sorry I am a Model 3 purchaser and not a Model X. :(

lysae29 | 24. August 2019

August 10, nothing back from tesla yet.

Shake | 24. August 2019

Ordered on the 13th LR grey with white 6 seat fsd. Nothing yet. Also notice price dropped on same design by $700 online looks light.

pkz0125 | 24. August 2019

Ordered on Aug 10 a white MX, 7 seats, fsd. Received a text on Aug 22 asking to schedule pick up. The earliest available pick up date is Aug 29. **Still no VIN**.

bryanbarnes | 24. August 2019

I ordered a MXP White with White and Carbon Fiber, 5 seater with standard wheels and FSD on 08/07. I received the text to schedule deliver on 08/21 and had a VIN on 08/22. I pick it up on 08/29 in Charlotte NC.

Noblelr3 | 24. August 2019

Congratulations PKZ and Bryan

PKZ, what pay off country are you in? Seems like eat coast orders are being filled. Nothing much happening in the west coast still.

Noblelr3 | 24. August 2019

Sorry for the spell correct. What part of the country are you in PKZ?

Mfox7044 | 24. August 2019

Wow. Ordered Aug 1st. In WA. Just received a text that it should be another 4-5 weeks for “finishing touches.”

ooagentmm | 24. August 2019

@Mfox7044 - I live in WA as well and I just received the same text! I ordered on August 4. It said 2 weeks on delivery when I ordered, and I expected maybe 4. That was 3 weeks ago. Waiting 2+ months is too long for my needs as I have family coming in a few weeks and one of the reasons I ordered was so I would have enough seating for everyone when they arrived. So I'll be cancelling my order. I'll have to look at a rental instead and probably just wait for the 7 seater Model Y. Bummer.

Mfox7044 | 24. August 2019

Sorry to hear that ooagentmm. Tesla really needs to update the estimated delivery time on their order page. I may have to cancel a Model 3 order now. We were trying to trade in 2 vehicles for an X and a 3 but we need the X to arrive first...

iasen424 | 24. August 2019

Update: Ordered M3 LR AWD white on black on 8.9. Received text on 8.24. Still no VIN.

Text language: "Thank you for ordering your Model 3! We are waiting for a few finishing touches to be made on your vehicle and will be reaching out to schedule you for delivery soon."

I don't have a timeline, but being that it has been 15 days, and they are 'waiting' for a few finishing touches, oddly feels comforting knowing it is drawing near, simply because they provided an update. Even without receiving an updated timeline. It was becoming draining by constantly wondering what was happening on the other side things.

When you each received your text, it provided a time-frame?

iasen424 | 24. August 2019

By the way, I drove from Reno NV to Sacramento CA today, and along the way 4 carriers/trucks filled with Model Xs and 3s were heading towards Reno NV. Each carries 8-10 cars.

pushpin30 | 25. August 2019

Ordered mx lr white with cream interior fsd 8/12. Got virtual vin (source code) 8/20. Vin on account 8/24.

Noblelr3 | 25. August 2019

Pushpin, where are you located? I'm thinking east coast or mid west. Congratulations.

pushpin30 | 26. August 2019

NY area

mike.mcnitt | 26. August 2019

Ordered MX Perf, 5 seat, white interior on 8/10. Picking up on 8/30 in Chicago.

Noblelr3 | 26. August 2019

Congrats Mike. Mostly White X's going out to east coast. Still waiting on those that ordered around August 10th and picking up on the west coast. I think most of those are delayed 4-6 weeks.

Mfox7044 | 26. August 2019

Looks like us west coasters will be part of the usual end of quarter rush.

Noblelr3 | 26. August 2019

Yes, that's what my SA told me last Friday. I still have not gotten the dreaded email from tesla, but some in here have.

rsusi | 26. August 2019

Ordered my Model X, 5 seater, long range, blue exterior, black interior, full driving, on 13 Aug. No vin as of 24 Aug, but did get an opportunity to get the same model as ordered, but was a demo model with 1800 miles. Car was in perfect condition and discounted $3000, took possession of it yesterday. Very happy with results. Also traded in my 2016 Model X, 90D.

thedrun | 26. August 2019

Ordered MX LR, White, 6 seat Black interior. No FSD on Saturday the 24th. Bay Area. Only have confirmation. Hoping soon!

Noblelr3 | 26. August 2019

Still there are no VIN given to California orders from August 10th or later. Let's go already!!

Mfox7044 | 26. August 2019

Aug 1st in WA. No VIN.

tonyyi007 | 26. August 2019

Ordered MX LR, Black on Black, 7 Seaters, FSD on 8/11/19. No VIN yet as of today (8/26/).

Noblelr3 | 26. August 2019

What state is your delivery Tonyy007? Are you on the west coast?

tonyyi007 | 27. August 2019

Yes, I'm in Los Angeles area.

Noblelr3 | 27. August 2019

Yes Tony, that's what I figured. California is on the back burner for now until they get their overseas and east coast shipments out

iasen424 | 04. September 2019

August 9th order, based out of Nevada for Model 3 long range, still no VIN..

Local Sales said no white vehicles have VINs as of August 30th.

AlexSV | 04. September 2019

Ordered X100D August 14. Los Angeles. Still nothing.

Uncle Paul | 05. September 2019

Ordered on 8/23. Got delivered on 8/28.
Model X Long Range, Pearl White, Cream interior, 20'wheels.

They matched me up with an inventory Raven.

Traded in my 2017 to Current Automotive.

doc_vader | 07. September 2019

I ordered an XP on 8/02/2019
white exterior with white interior and carbon fiber 20" wheels
I received my VIN and delivery notice yesterday 9/06/2019 and will be able to pick it up 9/10 11am at the earliest
I was told it would only take 2 weeks when I placed my order

chrisdaun | 07. September 2019

Bay Area
Ordered MX Long Range, White/White on 8/6
Was told 2 weeks, still no VIN and no delivery date as of 9/7

3onTheTree | 07. September 2019

Ordered 8/28 LR 7 seat pearl white / black
In transit text on 9/6, delivery scheduled for 9/14
VIN showed up on 9/7. Reservation number still shows but if I click manage a VIN is displayed

911X | 07. September 2019

Ordered 8/10 LR/Met Silver/White/6seat
Received txt today that vehicle is on way and directed to choose delivery date. Set for 9/15
No VIN in account

tonyyi007 | 07. September 2019

Alset and 911X, what state are you in?
I ordered X LR, Black/Black 7 Seater, on 8/11 from Mission Viejo, CA, still no VIN, no text.
However, I do see the VIN from the source code.

Noblelr3 | 08. September 2019

Ordered 8/10 Mission Viejo. BLK on BLK LR MX FSD 6 seat
No VIN on account, but tesla alarm and charger email stating items released to delivery center and had my VIN attached. Super awesome Tesla Mgr checked connection for me at Fremont and it shows I'll get my VIN "officially" this Monday with a delivery at Costa Mesa Thursday 9/12. California deliveries are happening now. FINALLY