Question on PPF and Paint correction

Question on PPF and Paint correction

Purchased a new Model X few months ago and considering installing PPT (Clear-Bra paint protection film).
I noticed there are multiple paint "spots" on my hood and was wondering if my MX Paint job is within the norm compared to other Tesla paint quality?
is this something Tesla will fix? or am I stuck with such imperfection?
Does it require to be fixed before PPF is installed?

appreciate your feedback/comments

lilbean | 20. August 2019

I would go to a reputable detailer to correct the spots first. Otherwise, they will be covered by the film.

artc1688 | 20. August 2019

Thanks for the suggestion. Assume this is not something Tesla will correct? has anyone tried??

TabascoGuy | 20. August 2019

They can and will correct it but not for free. No car company will correct paint after you've driven it for a "few months".