AP improvements in 2019.28.3.1

AP improvements in 2019.28.3.1

Since I first picked up my Model 3, I’ve had some AP issues at a series of intersections I pass every day on a divided state highway.

At one of these intersections, the road turns steeply left just as an on ramp appears on the right, so the car ends up pointed dead on into a what appears to be widening lane with new lane markers popping up straight ahead. AP has repeatedly bailed at this point, throwing up the red “take control immediately” along with an audio warning.

At the second intersection. There is a lengthy on ramp with lane markings that end after a short distance. Other such on ramps have been well handled, but on this one the AP has consistently seen this as a widening lane and swerved the car right to center it in what it sees as the new, expanded space. Depending on traffic, I’ve sometimes needed to take over to prevent this.

Both these behaviors continued under 24.4. However, after installing 28.3.1, the car twice sailed through these two intersections with barely a bobble. In both cases, there was some slight movement right and left, as if the car was hunting a solution, but it was inches, not feet, and I went on without getting a beep or having to wrench the car back into the lane.

Has anyone else noted similar improvements?

dangerl7e | 22. August 2019

My AP with the same FW update also has improved far.
I noticed the hesitation decreased on lane changes, it became a bit more "aggressive".
I have one difficult right turn which is a single lane continuing to the right (90). In 2019.20.4.4 it was slowing down a bit, then for some reason sped up right in the turn and threw a red exclamation to take over. Now in 2019.28.3.1 it does about the same but no exclamation in the turn, also pretty rough to my liking. A 90 should be handled slightly slower. I noticed it turns at about 25 mi/h.
Also I noticed (not sure if it's an improvement from the previous versions) that I needed to change the freeway in 1.1 mi, I was in the 2nd to the right lane. There were probably 8-10 cars back to back in the right lane, Tesla didn't signal until it passed the first car in the group, by that point it was 0.5 mi to the exit. Then flashed right and moved over. That was really smooth.
I still don't like the behavior when you're in the right lane and somebody else merges 5 mi/h less than you and Tesla just slows down by a lot. I understand that it cannot go over the preset speed, but there could be an improvement to temporarily move to the left if it's available or speed up just to pass the slowie. This one always makes me take over.

TeslaScoot | 22. August 2019

Definitely seeing incremental improvements in AP in each successive version.
Every release seems to have general small improvements all-around and adds one single large improvement/new feature.
In addition to the slightly smoother overall performance, I noticed 2 new ones in 2019.28. First is slowing down for completely stopped cars far ahead while traveling at full speed. It used to just barrel along until about 30-50 feet away at which point it would mash the brakes-- not in a dangerous way per se but not comfortable. Now it recognizes stopped traffic much earlier and very gradually slows down much like a human. Second is solid line exit ramp crossing-- before it wouldn't attempt it at all, now it will start to get into an exit lane with a solid line as long as there are eventually breaks in the line. Awesome.

foodking | 22. August 2019

Sounds like OP has been helping Tesla train AP. I need to go check some intersections that always gives me trouble.

vmulla | 22. August 2019

Mad Max mode lives up to it's name in the 28.3. It's a much more appropriate setting for my morning commute :)

leo33 | 22. August 2019

Yes. As I've mentioned elsewhere, merging and NoA lane changes seem better. It's nice to see that others are also also noticing AP improvements with this version.

Devilstower | 22. August 2019

@foodking I have pressed that mic button several times and said "Bug, autopilot lurches right at end of on ramp." It would be nice to think someone was listening.

casun | 22. August 2019

i installed 28.3.1 last night and noticed some noa improvements this morning.

melmartin | 22. August 2019

In previous versions when I was in traffic aware cruise control my car would brake suddenly when another car entered my lane ahead of me. If that car is maintaining speed, my Model 3 now just keeps moving without braking in 28.3.1. That's a big improvement.

dangerl7e | 22. August 2019

YES! I noticed that too, it's not bothered when someone enters your line and goes >= your speed, but if they're slower it matches their speed slowly. Seems like that "Distance" setting is now more dynamic than static

lbowroom | 22. August 2019

I can't wait for the resident expert on TACC to weigh in on the latest update....

TeslaScoot | 23. August 2019

@dangerl7e @melmartin
100%, I also just noticed that cut-in response has been tweaked, now it's a gradual slowdown with (I like your term) 'dynamic' distance. If someone cuts in close, AP will keep some speed to close the gap-- probably intended to disallow multiple cars from cutting in? Much smoother / human-like for normal cut-ins as well.

Devilstower | 23. August 2019

Repeating what everyone else said on the follow distance -- it used to seem that the AP kept the distance with an invisible "iron rod" that caused the speed to seem erratic because it constantly responded to the speed of the vehicle ahead. Now that rod seems to have been softened a bit.