Need tire recommendations

Need tire recommendations

I had a tire go flat on me yesterday due to something that punctured a hole in the passenger side rear tire.

I have a dual-motor/AWD Tesla 3, 2018 with 11.3K miles.

The car came with Continental tires 19" wheels.

I have not heard back from Tesla yet if the tire is bad or if it can be fixed but it appears unfixable due to tire wear is getting close to wear bar. The puncture is in the later outside edge of the tire and the tow truck guy said he did not think it would be fixable.

Give that, I will likely need two tires? I'm not thinking 4 because the front tires have more tread left than the rear.
Can I put on Michelin A/S 3 as the pair on the front or back with the other pair being the original Continental tires?

I'm not a fan of Continental and have loved the Michelin Pilot Sports on other cars I have owned.


bjrosen | 22. August 2019

I'd get four tires especially if you are switching brands.

Syed.Hosain | 22. August 2019

With AWD vehicles, it is best to match the four wheels - both in terms of brand/model of tire, wheel widths, and the tire sizes.

For example, staggered tires are often a no-no ... even if you think the tire diameter is a *close* match. With the ICE Infiniti models for example, their Attesa AWD system can be damaged prematurely.

With our *dual-engine* Model 3 approach, this is not an issue, but ... the discrepancy between the rolling diameters might confuse vehicle electronics which may think slipping is occurring.

Stick with getting all four tires replaced - if you change the tire brand / model.

IHaveArrived | 22. August 2019

You didn't say where you drive or what category of tires you are looking for. Will you drive on snow?

classic68 | 22. August 2019

I will drive in snow as I'm in Portland OR at a higher elevation (1100 ft). We get snow perhaps 4 or 5 days a year that sticks. With the current Continental tires I was able to navigate around ok but the Michelin are better. I don't take the Tesla to the ski slopes as I have a Subaru too.

etfoo1 | 22. August 2019