Need help with getting my glass replaced.

Need help with getting my glass replaced.

Hi everyone, I bought my Model 3 last year, and I have been loving the car.
I thought I am going to only buy Tesla for the rest of my life, but if my below experience is common for most Tesla owners, I have doubt that Tesla will remain as a company for that long.
And please note I am a pretty big Tesla/Elon Musk fanboy, I have at least already sold 5 of my friends/colleagues on purchasing a Tesla.
And I personally own some Tesla stock.

Anyways on to my issue:
Last week on Tuesday, I found out the top of my front window glass is cracked pretty bad. (I parked my car inside the garage, and I am the only one driving it, so I don't even know exactly how it happened, but it happened).
Anyways I called my insurance, they can help me take care of it just with a deductible of $50.
They called Tesla Costa Mesa first to see how to get it arranged. Tesla told my insurance they don't handle it directly, they outsource this to third party shops.
So they arranged me with a certified third party shop.
But the third party shop said Tesla is very slow at responding for parts.
And up until now, there is no response from Tesla, I personally digged into this, and called Tesla Costa Mesa.
And they said there is no one to answer the phone for their parts department, I have to leave an email (that's what my shop have been doing everyday, but they still haven't responded)

Tesla did mention they can fix the glass as well, BUT
1. they dont take insurance, so I will have to pay first and see if my insurance can pay me back
2. and I have to make an appointment which is going to take 2-3 weeks anyways.

This is a horrible horrible customer experience.
Whoever is in charge of Tesla service department needs to be replacement immediately, and the frightening thing is that there seem to be no one who is in charge of this.

1. I was bounced around at least half a dozen times on the call to get the information that I summarized above from Tesla. When I called them about my issue, it almost seemed like I mentioned something taboo like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter.

2. A simple glass fix should take at least one or two days.

3. The fact that they cannot even handle the service volume from their own customers, and they dont cooperate with third party shop by basically replying the email really really slow is mind blowing.

4. And WHY DONT they have someone answering calls about parts availability from customer, this is customer service 101. You NEED TO COMMUNICATE with your customer, leaving an email there is a death sentence for customer review

Has anyone else have been through this.
can you please share how you got through it, and what I can do from this point forward. I am currently having to rent a car for my daily commute.
I understand Elon himself is going through some rough patch in his personal life, and he got a lot of things to joggle.
And that Tesla management team is leaving like flies in the past half year.

But Tesla have a really amazing product and vision, but if service remain this horrible that even a fanboy like myself cannot justify, it is hard to see how they can survive long term.

M3phan | 22. August 2019

Sorry, truly, but this smells like fud to me… Not because there’s an issue with the car, but because of the stereotypical way this is set up and wrapped up, and the irrelevant comment about what one presumes about musk’s personal life.
If you need your glass repaired, do exactly one of the two options you describe for us, schedule an appointment for glass repair through your app, save the receipts and turn them in to your insurance company, or work out something with a third-party that will take your insurance…
And yes, there are tons of awesome service experiences out there. Chin up.

jimglas | 22. August 2019

you can schedule glass replacement from your phone app

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

What rough patch is Elon having?

jimglas | 22. August 2019

I think its the black one over his eye. Its wool

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

You would think he could afford better than wool, is he broke now?

jimglas | 22. August 2019

Bankwupt I heard

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

Thoughts and prayers.

jimglas | 22. August 2019

Tots and Pears

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

Taters and haters

jimglas | 22. August 2019

bottom line, this is FUD. I scheduled my windshield repair and it was done as scheduled.
Gave me a loaner overnight because I live 2 hours away and they said it takes about 5 hours since sensors need to be realigned
Easy peasy

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

So Elon is fine? I am worried.

jimglas | 22. August 2019

other than the "rough patch", he is fine

chuanhe2000 | 22. August 2019

what is a FUD?
I am scheduling to repair with a third party. But there is no timeline since they dont have any answer from Tesla for the parts.
and I schedule to get window replace on tesla app, but it is about 2-3 weeks out.

you guys are saying this is normal to wait for just getting window fixed?

Magic 8 Ball | 22. August 2019

FUD stands for Fear Doubt and Uncertainty. Your story contains a lot of superfluous and unnecessary information that comes across as FUD. What is the Elon "rough patch" you are referring to and what does it have to do with getting the glass?

casun | 22. August 2019

tesla customer service is so good the app knew you needed your glass replaced. seriously. check it out. schedule your service in the app.

Trekman | 22. August 2019

I don't know how this works, or how they knew, but @casun you are completely correct! Yesterday I was driving home on the highway when my windshield was impacted by a rock thrown up from the truck ahead. Put about a dime-size impact splinter on the windshield. By the time I arrived home the app on my phone had a red dot over the gear in the upper left, taking me to the Inbox, with a message saying "Schedule Your Service Appointment for Glass Replacement".

M3phan | 22. August 2019

This was an email that everyone got in their app inbox letting us know that they can now service glass needs, set up through the app.

Trekman | 22. August 2019

I.C. So no magic here. Just coincidence. Thanks.

spuzzz123 | 23. August 2019

No doubt this is concocted. Why did they start allowing non owners to post again?

casun | 23. August 2019

sorry trekman. i was joking.

M3phan | 23. August 2019

@Trekman, though you weren’t far off! We will (soon) have the car self diagnose and schedule our car for service if needed. Anyone remember when Musk said that would be? My googly skills are sucking this morning, can’t find that comment...

M3phan | 23. August 2019

... it was something along the lines of the car being able to automatically diagnose a problem, relaying the information through the computer and either the screen or our phone app (or both?) notifying us of the issue and automatically scheduling service, whether at an SC or through mobile tech

sowa.greg | 23. August 2019

I had the same exact experience with Tesla Dedham and Watertown (Massachusetts, the closest service centers to me in NH) when I ended up with a rock chip in my front roof glass and a crack that extended about 1.5-2 feet towards the back of the car over the passenger's head.

I called my insurance carrier first (Progressive) and they sent a claims examiner out within 3 days. He took some pictures, talked to me, then a few hours later emailed me to say that his estimate was that it'd be around $1050 and that Progressive would be cutting me a check for that, minus my $100 deductible, within a week so that I could then schedule glass replacement and pay for it myself. Sure enough, the check came in 5 days and got ready to have Tesla replace the glass.

I first scheduled service thru the app for service from the Dedham store, assuming it would be mobile service as it has been in the past (wrong assumption on my part, as nobody showed up at my house that day). I tried calling the Dedham service department and nobody picked up, so I left a message asking for clarification...nobody called back for over a week so I went ahead and scheduled for the following week at the Watertown service center (knowing this time I'd need to actually go in).

The day before my scheduled appointment I get text messages from Watertown service saying that they don't do glass in house and I should call JN Phillips. Ok, great, but why the hell didn't you text me this the day I scheduled the appointment instead of waiting 'til the day before??

With the Watertown appointment canceled, I called JN Phillips. They give me a quote of around $850 and I thought "oh wow! Some extra cash in my pocket, since insurance paid more." ... nope, 10 minutes later they called back and said they'd misspoken and it'd be $1250, as the glass from Tesla costs more than they'd expected. Tesla told JN Phillips it will take about a month to get the glass, so to sit back and wait.

It took about 3 weeks for the glass to arrive from Tesla, but once it was in JN Phillips had it replaced in about 4 hours and even ordered me a Lyft to get home during the work and back when the car was ready for pickup. Progressive ended up making up the difference between their original estimate and the actual cost with a supplemental payment.

So, long story short, yup, the OP is certainly speaking the truth. It's not (or at least wasn't until yesterday when Tesla announced they'll now be handling glass in house) a straightforward process and Tesla's inane way of not responding to voicemails or even answering their phones is making the whole experience even worse.

jimglas | 23. August 2019

I was told that the only place you can get your windshield replaced is the tesla SC. I don't know what that means for states with no SC?

lbowroom | 23. August 2019

Tesla is the only place to get the glass. Others can install

WardT | 23. August 2019

On 8/21/19 I received a message in my Tesla app "Schedule Your Service Appointment for Glass Replacement". I don't have any glass issues that I know of. Maybe I better check my Tesla. The message makes it sound like it is a recall for "all glass replacement on your Tesla vehicle". I think now it is only a message about if I have broken glass needing replacement, I can get it scheduled and the work done at Tesla. Don't know if it matters but I live in SoCal.

jimglas | 23. August 2019

In Colorado they don't sell the glass to private installers. Tried working with safelight for 2 weeks. They finally said SC only.
but went very smooth from there.

lbowroom | 23. August 2019

Wardt- as pointed out, it’s just a notice that went out to everyone to let you know you can book service appointments for in house glass replacement through the app. Not a recall.

Atoms | 23. August 2019

I ordered the part through Tesla service and had the glass company pick it up and install it at my house. I only ran into an issue that Tesla changed the part number after I ordered and the order evaporated and after 6 weeks they had to order but luckily had one which was extra on hand.
My expectation is that if parts are needed that the owner needs to order for ANY outside repair and have them handed over to the 3rd party. Then there is no pointing fingers.

VerdantValley | 23. August 2019

I just had my windshield replaced at the Portland Or. service center. It was coordinated with a glass shop who came to the center to install the window and the camera was recalibrated by the service center. It did take awhile to schedule it because the windshields were back ordered and since we live 100 miles away, we were given an S to drive for the day.
We took a long, leisurely drive up Mt Hood, eating at Timberline Lodge, it was a beautiful day but we were very happy to get our Model 3back again.