How do you make Supercharger suggestions to Tesla?

How do you make Supercharger suggestions to Tesla?

Is there an e-mail address or a some place on the Tesla website to suggest new Supercharger locations?

If Tesla monitors this forum: Route 2 in the Western part of MA has no coverage and none planned for this year. Looking at the map North Adams would be a good location to add a Supercharger. That would fill the gap between Lee MA to the South and Brattleboro VT to the North.

Bighorn | 23. August 2019

They have regional teams that are pretty aware of what’s needed, especially in populated areas where other chargers have already been sited.

kevin_rf | 23. August 2019

Define scare, there is one off rt 2 in Leominster and north and south of 2 are a bunch.

Specifically Hadley(Amherst), Bratteboro, and Lee. While not exactly on 2, most people heading out "West" on 2 will be either heading north through Brattleboro to VT or Amherst. Travel distance from Leominster out to Albany which has SC's is maybe 90 miles, though you are better off taking the Pike. Bennington VT would not be a bad spot for another...

jordanrichard | 23. August 2019

Go to the Contact page and you should find the email address for the Supercharger team.

However, I wouldn't consider that a gap. I am in the Hartford CT area and I can easily get to Brattleboro, in my Model S. If one is traveling eastbound, heading to Brattleboro through western MA, that means they are coming from NY. That means they are traveling on RT 90 aka MA Pike and would stop at Lee. While the MA pike to RT 91 North is not the most direct route, that is the route that the nav system will tell you to go because it is far faster than the back country roads out in that part of MA

pkmantmc | 23. August 2019

SC stations are strategically selected based on area's population or along busy travelling routes. Northwest MA between I90 and I91 has neither the population or busy freeway routes

I can see why there's no SC stations planned. Sorry!

vmulla | 23. August 2019

Tesla knows where you started, where you went, and your charge levels at each Supercharger stop, the Supercharger capacity/availability, and a whole lot more. Just that data should be enough to plan out Supercharger locations strategically.