Rear Doors roof seal

Rear Doors roof seal

The seals on the rear door roof of my Model X has broken down over the past two years. I went in to Tesla for service/warranty repair and was informed that the seals are wearable item and the cost of replacement is on the owners. The replacement would include both of the glass panels of the rear door roof of Model X, and will cost $2400. I do not accept that a $100,000 car should have need to throw away rear door roof for $2400 every two years. I taped the discussion with the service agent and was told to delete the video afterwards since it was recorded at private property of Tesla Service Center.

Anyone with similar issue and has been able to resolve it without paying the $2400 asking price for the design flaw and inferior seal?

corymwhite | 30. August 2019

My back seals (2016 Model X) on the glass were replaced under warranty at the Costa Mesa Service Center

Pungoteague_Dave | 30. August 2019

This should be a warranty item. But taping a routine service conversation says a lot about you as a customer. You're not likely to get much slack with that approach.

Passion2Fly | 02. September 2019

I’ve never had any problems replacing seals and other worn out plastic pieces under Warranty on my X... San Diego SC. It is weird that your first instinct was to record the conversation...

niduj | 04. September 2019

Chainsaws are dangerous machines that can cause an awful lot of damage if you are not protected properly.

mathwhiz | 04. September 2019

Please delete your duplicate thread.

sevencyclist | 06. September 2019

Thanks for replies. I received an invoice for $2400 prior to the appointment, so that is why I went in taping the discussion for their explanation. I deleted the discussion once they asked me. I am glad they are able to replace the seals for the X under warranty. I will give another center a try. Thanks.

RAUDIKAL | 07. September 2019

The rear seals were replaced on my X under warranty. But the techs left a big mess in the car. I spent a couple of hours cleaning it up.
I guess clean up isn’t covered by warranty.

00Tesla | 07. September 2019

My seals on MX17 are the same way. Just deteriorated, melted and became sticky for some reason. Less than 2 years old. I went to the SC in in Fremont CA and they will not replace under warranty. I am going to go to a different SC and see what happens. As much as I love Tesla and they don't replace under warranty I will go back to Mercedes.

Abanndun | 07. September 2019

Same here, covered under warranty

attlogin | 21. September 2019

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