PG&E changing EV plan

PG&E changing EV plan

I just received a letter from PG&E about moving everyone who was in the EV-A plan to EV2-A in November. So much for been grandfather into the EV-A plan. The EV2-A plan is more expensive and they remove weekend off-peak after 7pm. Did anyone else receive this letter?

JPPTM | 07. September 2019

Yup--lots of folks. Head over to TMC and check the forums. Lots of pissed off folks Including me). I checked in with PG&E to review all rate plans and my options. The new EV2-A plan is the worst of the lot.

rxlawdude | 07. September 2019

Investor Owned Utilities. IOUs.

Except they TAKE money from us. :-)