Supercharger Etiquette. What do you do when someone backs in next to you and is blasting their audio system?

Supercharger Etiquette. What do you do when someone backs in next to you and is blasting their audio system?

I'm curious what you would do if another Tesla next to you is supercharging
and blasting sound system at max volume?

Do you ask them to turn it down?

Do you turn your system up?

Leave? Walk out of your car and take a walk?
Move to another spot? Depart without the charge you

Noise cancelling headphones?

Call police?

Property owner?

mmcp42 | 06. September 2019

ask them nicely to turn it down

rob | 06. September 2019

you dance

but since I can't dance I would opt for the noise canceling headphones. Keep them in my backpack.

nwfan | 06. September 2019

I wonder if it is a generational thing? Our old folks more sensitive to
noise (I'm a baby boomer) than millennial's?

I'm thinking back to my younger days listening to loud music and my
general disregard to others. Advance 40 years and I'm aware of others
around me. More mature?

hokiegir1 | 06. September 2019

Depends on what they are rocking out to.

LostInTx | 06. September 2019

Bob Seger -> sing along
Celine Dion -> headphones
Billy Joel -> pretend you're playing piano
Sheryl Crow -> Wonder why she stopped teaching 2nd grade
Aerosmith -> look 30 years older than you are
The Eagles -> roll one and drive to Winslow, Arizona

hokiegir1 | 06. September 2019

To continue @LostinTX list:

Fall out Boy -> indicate they should turn it up more
Rob Zombie -> Pull out at high speed
Warrant/Def Leppard/GNR -> Men, grow your hair down your back -- women, cut it as short as possible
Madonna -> still depends on the decade of her music ;)

lilbean | 06. September 2019

I would just make conversation about their car. Then they would just turn it down on their own.

Frank99 | 06. September 2019

"Hey, ain't the sound system in these cars great? I really enjoy listening to Mussorgsky and Shostakovich in mine; can I ask you to turn yours down so I can hear the quiet passages?".

DanFoster1 | 06. September 2019

@ Frank99 yes INDEED.

@ lilbean that’s a good idea. I’d like to try it, but blasting music from cars is an antisocial personality trait—I wonder how many of these types are approachable?

It will always surprise me that people are so stupid regarding noise induced hearing loss. Do they stare at the Sun? No, but they blast music in cars, concerts, wedding receptions, ear buds, etc. etc.

Damaged hearing has a serious impact on quality of life. As a career musician, I’ve studied hearing health at length, and lectured on the topic. We try to teach our students safe practices. These days, hearing loss starts very young. I once saw an infant in a car seat between two huge speakers in the back of a car: the music was loud enough to visibly shake my office window from across the street. This is child abuse, though few regard it as such.

Huge numbers of people damage their hearing listening to music at unsafe levels; damaged hearing does not heal well; once their hearing is damaged, they turn their shit up louder.

«Based on a 2011-2012 CDC study involving hearing tests and interviews with participants, at least 10 million adults (6 percent) in the U.S. under age 70—and perhaps as many as 40 million adults (24 percent)—have features of their hearing test that suggest hearing loss in one or both ears from exposure to loud noise. Researchers have also estimated that as many as 17 percent of teens (ages 12 to 19) have features of their hearing test suggestive of NIHL in one or both ears (Pediatrics 2011), based on data from 2005-2006.»

gadget63 | 06. September 2019


Magic 8 Ball | 06. September 2019

Does Tesla have an audio system that plays music at unsafe levels? I smell a class action coming, time to short the stock!

kevin_rf | 06. September 2019

As I was always told in church, you sing along with the choir. If you can't sing, you remind God of the voice he gave you and sing even louder.

So you sing, dance, and rock out to it like a white girl who can't dance.

in7 | 06. September 2019

Tell them you have a baby sleeping in the back seat.

The_Flash | 06. September 2019

All the other options are great. Here are a few that come to my mind::

1) Cheap $0.10 foam ear plugs.
2) if they haven't plugged in yet, tell them that Supercharger doesn't work.
3) If they are already charging, tell them "You sure you wanna charge here? the last guy just got towed 5 minutes ago. Something wrong with that charger. The guys forgot tp put the Do Not Use sign on there." :p

efuseakay | 06. September 2019

I open all my windows, and play Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse at full volume.

Rodo | 06. September 2019

@DanFoster1 Very good info. Thanks.

radean84 | 06. September 2019

Ask them nicely if they'd mind turning it down a bit. If they make a fuss about it, leave it be. These days people get shot over stupid stuff like this so it's not worth the trouble. You can't control other people, so do whatever makes you happy and keeps you and your family safe. Hopefully this is not a constant occurrence.

lbowroom | 06. September 2019

It's not like its loud

legna_fo_htaed | 06. September 2019

@efuseakay YEEESSSSSS

Bighorn | 06. September 2019

I thought of this thread when a Chinese tourist just pulled up next to me at the urinals with his speakerphone on high. Nobody else was at the superchargers, so no drama there.

Joseb | 06. September 2019

Ask him politely.

Bighorn | 06. September 2019

My Mandarin hand is weak. These are the same location at Yellowstone that had a picture instructing people not to stand on the seat to poo.

whealey85 | 06. September 2019

You ignore it

tanya | 06. September 2019

Same thing you do when you park in any other place.

lbowroom | 06. September 2019

Smile and say thank you?

CharleyBC | 06. September 2019

"since I can't dance"

Actually, that's perfect. Everybody in your car gets right in front of the loud car's front bumper and dances really badly, even if you can dance well. Eventually they'll be so disgusted watching you that they'll turn off the music just to make you stop.

Fortunately this problem will go away with V3 chargers since they're so fast you scarcely have time to pee.

eztider | 06. September 2019

I have a playlist full of gangsta s**t. I would be happy to introduce them to it.

Syed.Hosain | 06. September 2019

You all ought to consider doing this in front of their car for a while:

Frank99 | 06. September 2019

We have the same problem out on the lake - people with kilowatt class amps deciding that the whole lake should enjoy their musical selections. I’ve always wanted a huge 500 watt horn midrange on a pole that I could pull out, carefully aim in their direction, and play something awful ( Supertramp, fighting cats, whatever) until they give in.

Shesmyne2 | 06. September 2019


Still Grinning ;-)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 06. September 2019

nwfan: Basically, as long as they aren't playing something with vocals by Bob Dylan or R Kelly, I'd be good. I have a serious issue with so-called 'genius' songwriters who can't actually sing. Mel Tormé, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie... These are guys who can genuinely be said to sing their own songs better than anyone else. But Bobby/Bob? No.

hokiegir1: Wait. Madonna made albums after 'True Blue'? Why? That album was perfect.

ST70 | 06. September 2019

@eztider- You win! Good idea!

gmr6415 | 06. September 2019

@Syed.Hosain, +1. or crank Edgar Winter Frankenstein full blast.

eztider | 07. September 2019

@ST70 Get some Biggie, some 2Pac, trim it with Too $hort. May as well go ahead and download Death Row Greatest Hits. Know your audience before you put that on though.