Does the rear camera record event

Does the rear camera record event

Got bumped from the rear by a truck . I recorded the event, later checked and it looks like only the side and front cameras were captured the event. Is this normal ? would be nice if it was 360 view being saved.

Rodo | 06. September 2019

Correct, front and sides only for now. I read that v10 of the software will enable the rear camera recording.

jefedezorros | 06. September 2019

I would also love it if v10 gave access to all 6 cameras while parking, stitched into a birds-eye like my 6-year-old Nissan did.

CharleyBC | 06. September 2019

8 cameras, actually, but who’s counting? Oh. Apparently I am.

M3phan | 06. September 2019

9 cameras (the one inside the cabin), but who’s counting...
; )