Where did HAL's eye go in Sentry Cam?

Where did HAL's eye go in Sentry Cam?

I noticed that HAL's eye has disappeared from the screen while Sentry Cam is active. Anyone know what happened to it? Thanks.

CharleyBC | 06. September 2019

I think it only appears when it detects a threat. The rest of the time the screen is off to save energy.

vincelorto | 06. September 2019

Also, it's the eye of Mordor....haha

CharleyBC | 06. September 2019

"Also, it's the eye of Mordor"

That would be a totally great config choice!

CharleyBC | 06. September 2019

Especially if it whipped around in the direction from which the car detected the threat.

vincelorto | 06. September 2019

that would be brilliant!

Atom12 | 06. September 2019

It could use face detection to put the perps picture on the screen.

quinney | 06. September 2019

@Atom12: I like your suggestion. Also display a caption, "video being recorded to cloud". (not true but will cause self-doubt in miscreants).

rrudolph | 06. September 2019

Now putting the peeps face on it would be quite the deterrent.

TickTock | 07. September 2019

Eye of Mordor tracking the the perp is brilliant! Showing the actual video is not a good idea IMO - just provides a training tool on how to avoid getting ID'd (which cameras to spray paint before breaking in). Knowing that they are being observed but not knowing by which or how many cameras would be the best deterrent.

gmr6415 | 07. September 2019

I like the idea of perp's face, but I would also like to be able to customize a message that would be on the screen.

spuzzz123 | 07. September 2019

Hal’s still there but it doesn’t seem to be as sensitive as it was before. I actually wondered if Hals eye would be protected by copyright law. Guess not