Traffic Aware Cruise Control vs. Autosteer in the City

Traffic Aware Cruise Control vs. Autosteer in the City

I love the Autosteer capability on the Interstate, but find it not ready for prime time in the city. Too many times it can't figure out the appropriate lane at intersections and will disconnect. I think just using Traffic Aware Cruise Control in city driving is a better choice for now. Maybe V10 will offer some major improvements. Your thought!

SO | 06. September 2019

I’ll let you know after I try V10.

shuene | 06. September 2019

My thoughts exactly. (I thought I was the only one left who still uses the term "not ready for prime time")

bp | 07. September 2019

AutoSteer works best on highways, with clear lane markings.

Urban streets are harder to track - with intersections and often no outer lane lines - so we should expect it will take longer for the software to properly detect the correct lane track. Plus there are more objects/conditions that need to be detected by the software in order to safely operate on urban streets (pedestrians, bicycles, parked vehicles, driveways, intersections with no marking, school zones, …).

NOAP will likely work best on limited access highways, with simpler conditions - and as the software improves, we'll see more automation on other roads.

jrweiss98020 | 07. September 2019

From the Model 3 Manual, p. 73: "Warning: Autosteer is intended for use only on highways and limited-access
roads with a fully attentive driver. When using Autosteer, hold the steering wheel and be mindful of road conditions and surrounding traffic. Do not use Autosteer on city streets, in construction zones, or in areas where bicyclists or pedestrians may be present."

snew17 | 07. September 2019

The majority of us have read the manual multiple times. Tesla does allow autosteer to be enabled on city streets so obviously they think it will work to some degree in that environment. The warning is for liability purposes and is there for a good reason. We know the capability is very limited in city driving and are very cautious if we enable it for testing.

They want people to try it out. The more we use it the more data Tesla collects. From my viewpoint the current level of self driving is almost entirely based on lines on the road. It seems to have little capability if the lines disappear. I was expecting a little more from their neural networks. That's all.

jrweiss98020 | 08. September 2019

Yes, Tesla does demonstrate it in the city on test drives. It worked reasonably well through intersections during mine. But to "find it not ready for prime time in the city" per the OP is disingenuous when Tesla already warns that it's still in Beta and not for city use...

snew17 | 08. September 2019

I am certainly a big fan of Tesla and the Autosteer capability. That and the Supercharger network were two of the main reasons I decided on my model S purchase. Hopefully V10 will add more intelligence beyond just lane markers. I have faith it will happen!

jimglas | 08. September 2019

As I said in a previous thread.
I was driving on AP on a curvy, rural mountain road when I came upon a freshly paved section a few miles long
No markings painted yet, just blacktop.
Just to see what it would do, I just let the car drive itself. (with VERY close supervision by me)
The car did fine. Just kept on keeping on.
Actually surprised me.
So, I think tesla is making progress on FSD.
The neural net data seems to be incorporated, at least on that road segment.

PrescottRichard | 08. September 2019

Jimglas- is that the latest AP? Also was there a car in front of you that you were following?

IIRC my AP1 car does better following a car in situations like that, but not for long. That doesn’t happen often.

jimglas | 08. September 2019

I was all by myself
the car even ignored a couple of small cross streets
I know it doesn't sound possible, but it happened.

PrescottRichard | 08. September 2019

Sorry, I was asking if you have AP1 or a AP2 or later car.

Sounds like it was relying on GPS, or getting very lucky with guesses. I’ve seen my AP1 car pick up cement curbs, but that’s infrequent and I would think your road didn’t have them.

jimglas | 08. September 2019

P3D delivered 12/18
I suppose 2.5?
Yup no curbs, actually very little shoulder
As I said, I was watching VERY closely

PrescottRichard | 09. September 2019