Model 3 current software version?

Model 3 current software version?

Just picked up my new model 3 AWD LR yesterday. I see that many people are discussing the latest software as 2019.32 while mine is currently 2019.15.107. My car and my phone when prompted show "you have current version". I tried using wifi as well and still don't get any notifications for an update. Is there anything I can do or is this something that just comes when it does? Thanks iin advance for any suggestions.

Shamrk1 | 07. September 2019

It just happens when it happens. But kinda adds to the suspense, like Christmas morning

Devilstower | 07. September 2019

It was almost a month after I picked up my car before the software update arrived. But for most cars it rolls along sooner.

And it will -always- tell you you have the current version. No matter how many versions ahead the latest actually is.

Hang in there. It will arrive.

rob | 07. September 2019

You can also try chatting w/ Tesla. I copied this from a post on a different thread.
They may be able to force one.

1. go to
2. scroll to the bottom and click "Contact Us"
3. Change topic to "Car Features"
4. Add some text to the "Describe Situation" box
5. Click Done
6. Click YES under Do you need more help?
7. Click Chat with Us

airpor41 | 07. September 2019

I got my dual motor Model 3 about 5 weeks ago. I got my first software update less than 2 days after I first plugged it in and set up the wifi at home. I have gotten one more update since then and am currently on 2019.28.3.1.

There is no single "current version". There are a number of versions in active use at any given time. Make sure your car is on wifi when it is sitting there and with a decent wifi signal strength.

jd4714 | 07. September 2019

FWIW my LR AWD with HW2.5 is on 2019.32 and my wife’s LR RWD with HW3 is on 2019.28.3.1. Seems like I received the update to 2019.32 about two weeks ago.