Just got my contract and vin # but I have a question

Just got my contract and vin # but I have a question

So I just got the contract and vin# but on the contract it shows 50 miles. Is that common? I was expecting maybe 10 miles or so since its brand new and its taking 7 weeks to get.

Magic 8 Ball | 07. September 2019

50 is on all the contracts, car will have much less upon delivery.

gballant4570 | 07. September 2019

My contract said 50, but the car said 5.....but I am glad you're getting your car that quickly. Things have improved.

ToansModel3 | 07. September 2019

Thank you so much guys!!. You guys are so helpful!! I'm so happy to get my Tesla soon!! 2 more weeks after 4 weeks of waiting!

82bert | 07. September 2019

Congrats! Best purchase I’ve made, and I’m sure you will feel the same. So right, we did it twice.

jimglas | 07. September 2019

Have fun toans, drive it like you stole it.

M3phan | 07. September 2019

I remember the butterflies leading up to delivery day and that first drive home (never test drove beforehand). Awesome. And it’s been fun to drive every. single. day.