Couldn't repurchase Tesla insurance

Couldn't repurchase Tesla insurance

Jumped in on the first day it went online (08/28/2019), heard price drop on the 3rd day and called CSR for price match but failed, cancelled it and tried to quote a new rate to buy but the system just displayed a blank page. Now my car is totally uninsured. :-(

Does anyone have similar issue?

I called 1-844-34-TESLA and they told me it might be a system bug. One week has passed and the issue is still there.....

Hope Tesla can fix this asap! | 10. September 2019

Any change you're outside California? Currently, they only cover California. Rollout timing or other states has not been stated.

I'd not wait for Tesla, but get some insurance, even if it is month to month. In California, it's also illegal to drive without insurance.

alex c | 10. September 2019

Hi TeslaTap, I am always in California. The problem is I can't even get a quote now. Every time I click the "Get Quote" button on page "", it will redirect me to an almost blank page "" which only shows Tesla logo.

Another weird thing is if I log into my Tesla account and click one of my cars to manage, it shows "You are covered. Click "View Details" to manage your policy." under "Notification"->"Insurance". But after I click "View Details"->Insurance->Manage Policy, it directs me to the same almost blank page since I have my policy cancelled and I am actually not covered.

And yes, I have called my previous insurance company and got my insurance extended. But still I prefer to use Tesla Insurance for both of my cars, one S and one 3.

Hope Tesla can fix the issue asap.


It seems

Madatgascar | 10. September 2019


I had some blank screen issues that went away when I switched to Google Chrome.

rxlawdude | 10. September 2019

Or clear your cookies or use a browser that hasn't visited the site.

alex c | 11. September 2019

Hi Madatgascar/Madatgascar,
Thanks for your feedback! Actually I have tried all 3 browsers (firefox/chome/Edge) and different devices (PC/iPhone), also I've tried to clear cookies, but unfortunately none of them can solve my problem. I think it's a website bug. :-(

rxlawdude | 11. September 2019

@Alex, bummer.

But this sure bodes ill for the future of customer service if you cannot readily speak to a human that gives a sh*t.

ercankaynakca | 12. September 2019

I have the same problem. The insurance customer reps kept saying talk to Tesla technical support. Tesla tech supports send you back to insurance devision. I wasted at least couple hours. I am waiting for them to get the glitch fixed but so far no luck.

kevcabrera | 14. September 2019

Has anyone purchased a policy successfully? I just got a quote and I would save close to $30 a month.

Uncle Paul | 14. September 2019

Tesla is a funny company. When peope make an agreement with them, they expect both sides to carry through with the agreement.

When people buy something from them they have an expectation that they have a deal, on the terms agreed upon.

It is not their expectation that when someone makes an agreement, and later finds out there is a better deal to be had at a later date, that they should allow that person to walk on the original deal and then get offered the better deal.

Funny company indeed.

alex c | 16. September 2019

@Paul, lol. If it doesn't say one can cancel anytime, I would not have purchased on the first day. I can understand there is no price match since it's not as easy as shopping in supermarket, but I can't understand cancellation causes so much hassle.

The bug is still there. I think some web designers should be fired......This kind of low-level bug should not exist from day one......

Uncle Paul | 16. September 2019

My point is that maybe it is not a bug, but intentional.

alex c | 16. September 2019

I have to bet Tesla is still a good company with good faith, otherwise I will switch to other EV brand. :-(

cslaurie | 17. September 2019

I tried to buy insurance from the website this morning. I got the quote finished, but no where could I find add another driver, my wife. I was about to push the buy button and I thought this is too simple. I called and finally got an agent. I asked about adding my wife, he said you can't do that at present. Once you have purchased the insurance you call back and add her. So in effect you are insured , she is not. He agreed. I asked what if they want more money? That is possible. So then this is not a quote and is only binding on me? Answer yes. Not ready for big time. I am not about to short rate my existing policy only to find my price is double.

rxlawdude | 17. September 2019

I'm not even sure that the Tesla auto insurance process is compatible with California regulations. After getting a quote that was almost double my current insurer, there's NFW I'd switch.

It sounds like you can't get a quote for your real two driver, two car household unless you "buy" a policy first. Pig in a poke.

alex c | 18. September 2019

They do not support Multi-driver/Multi-Car at this moment. And they do not support Non-Tesla car either. But I think this will be changed over time.

alex c | 27. September 2019

Eventually Tesla has solved the problem. I've just bought insurance for both of my cars. And the rate is good! Thanks

ragha.unique2000 | 20. Oktober 2019

Alex, what did you have to do to get it resolved and how long did it take? I have the same issue for 4 weeks now.

edrinadwtdkh | 24. Oktober 2019

Maybe you should just call them again? in case anyone in Malaysia want to check the general insurance info:

red.nixen | 03. November 2019

The problem is solved alone, I think it was just a bug.