Request for via’s and multiple stops on navigation

Request for via’s and multiple stops on navigation

Tessla please add the ability to make a stop on a planed route. For instance with Google maps for instants you can plans route with multiple stops and “via” on the route but with Teslas navigation system you cannot. Reason this is important is in calculating daily battery use for the battery capacity needed for a particular journey it would be extremely helpful to be able to do the entire trip in one calculation on screen rather than breaking the trip down piecemeal. In this way we would be able to plan our trips for the day and know if we were going to violate the minimum 20% maximum 80% rule, or worse taking a journey where there are no superchargers only to find out after we’ve already begun the trip that we don’t have enough juice to get back home.

TranzNDance | 11. September 2019

It's a good idea/request.

In the meanwhile, what if you didn't have to worry about the min and max rule so strictly? It seems you might be making life harder on yourself to worry about violating a recommendation that isn't even that strict. | 12. September 2019

Waypoints have been a popular feature request for 4+ years now:

BuffaloBillsFan | 12. September 2019

Yes, please!

DAlexModel3 | 14. September 2019

Agree entirely with your suggestion. In the mean time, you can use both on your laptop at home and on the Tesla display browser to do multi-stop trips. For the easiest use in the car you do need to either log in with your Tesla credentials or type in a 50-digit token you can get from an app; this is apparently a browser limitation. Still, ABRP is a great site.

Tesla-David | 14. September 2019

Me too! Adding Waypoint options would be most helpful.