Software V10 has Youtube and netflix but no sentry mode video viewer?

Software V10 has Youtube and netflix but no sentry mode video viewer?

Hi all,
Did I miss it in the new V10 features? I see it will have youtube and netflix but I see no mention of a sentry mode or dashcam file viewer? Bummer!

St☰v☰ | 16. September 2019

Did it activate the rear facing camera in sentry mode?

bjrosen | 16. September 2019

I would be crazy if they didn't have a sentry mode viewer, if they can play youtube they certainly can play a video off of an USB stick. I'm hoping that the published list is deliberately misleading. V10 is supposed to be a massive upgrade but everything that was mentioned is meaningless crap.

casun | 16. September 2019

poor bjrosen.

drrock75k | 16. September 2019

Also disappointed. Have no use for video games and netflix in my car. Seems like a waste of engineering.

vmulla | 16. September 2019

Let's just assume Tesla is training their engineers to work on the real software, if these trainee engineers came up with some cool but non-critical software.
Would you (a) want to experience it (b) not want it? | 16. September 2019

Tesla has never stated V10 (or any version) would get a video viewer for Sentry/Dashcam. It may be the hardware doesn't support it. Perhaps it will be a surprise feature in the future. For now, it looks very doubtful for V10.

rajan900 | 16. September 2019

Was looking forward to seeing videos from sentry mode on V10 so disappointed if it's not there.
There's the ability to play media via usb and playback videos on YouTube so you would think someone at Tesla could put the two together and playback the videos of the usb?!

jdeskins | 16. September 2019

It's probably a matter of time before that is available from the car. In meantime, I created this website that many use to view Sentry Mode videos. Nothing to download or upload - just load the site in browser and open files from the USB drive.

Hoping that Tesla will allow access to the USB directly from the in-car browser. Then, this app could work directly from the car but currently it can't see the video files. You still need to do view it from laptop or mobile phone browser (adapter cable to USB drive required for mobile).

gmr6415 | 16. September 2019

Funny how you give people free stuff and it's never enough.

All jesting aside. If they're going to do it, it will come when it's ready. From what I've seen of these updates over the past year, they may just want to have the streaming video function out there for a while to work out the bugs before they go any farther with it. One step at a time.

EVRider | 16. September 2019

If you’ve ever tried @jdeskins‘ sentrycam app, you’ll see that there’s more to building a Sentry Mode viewer than just reading files off a USB. Besides that, given all the USB media player issues in the car, Tesla hasn’t exactly mastered reading data from a USB.