Faraday Future & founder’s bankruptcy

Faraday Future & founder’s bankruptcy

Okay, maybe I don’t understand completely.

Maybe Jai isn’t equivalent to Musk. So me thinking if MUSK did this there would be no way to spin it positively.

How is this a good thing for FF? Wouldn’t Tesla get hammered if Musk did this? I guess Tesla is already public, still...

FactDoc | 17. Oktober 2019

Faraday Future
Lucid Motors

What do they have in common?

Ross1 | 17. Oktober 2019

Answer: They are all featured in the Concept/Vaporware thread

NKYTA | 17. Oktober 2019


Ross1 | 17. Oktober 2019

The thread

EV concepts and Vaporware can go in here without cries of protest