Ford announces launch of largest electric vehicle charging network in the US

Ford announces launch of largest electric vehicle charging network in the US

The FordPass network will include more than 12,000 charging stations with a total of 35,000 plugs in the United States and some parts of Canada.

SamO | 17. Oktober 2019

Ford is building the largest network of bullshit. They are aggregating Electrify America and Shell Oil’s future network.

No date of completion.

No discernment of fast and slow chargers.

No date of completion.

No cars to use the network.

More nonsense from Darth and Ford.


David N | 17. Oktober 2019

Title from the article seems a bit misleading(more poor journalism), doesn’t sound like Ford is “ building anything” , simply creating a payment system for using charging points that have been built by others.
Article makes it sound like Ford is leap frogging right over Tesla in charging infrastructure. It’ll be interesting to see how all this is going to pan out.

NKYTA | 17. Oktober 2019

A headline for headlines sake.

Frank99 | 17. Oktober 2019

The headline is bad but I’m OK with this. If I were to buy a Ford electric vehicle I’d have access to all of these chargers much like someone who buys a Tesla EV has access to all of the tesla chargers. They’re making it easy for for the EV buyers to charge and that’s great even if they didn’t build all the chargers.

Darthamerica | 17. Oktober 2019

Classic make vs buy decision. It made sense when Tesla made the SC network. It doesn't make much sense for other auto manufacturers to make their own when they can partner with what exist. 800V may win and become the standard until new battery tech beyond Li-Ion comes out. | 17. Oktober 2019

A virtual network of chargers to match ford's virtual EVs. Seems fine to me.

Darthamerica | 17. Oktober 2019

Wow some of you so called EV fanatics and Climate Alarmist are REALLY demonstrating your hypocrisy. Considering Tesla’s mission statement, you would think this would make you happy! True colors are showing...

NKYTA | 17. Oktober 2019

Hamstrung "solutions" do not accelerate the goal. Get it through your thick skull.

TabascoGuy | 17. Oktober 2019

He had that last post typed up before he started the thread.

Darthamerica | 17. Oktober 2019

What’s more Hamstrung, no fast chargers within close proximity or more? You fan boys are really silly people.

PrescottRichard | 17. Oktober 2019


The more the merrier. What does Ford have for electric right now? I know there’s rumblings of things to come- F150 & Mustang for example.

Can’t wait for a standard plug.

SamO | 17. Oktober 2019

It's a bunch of lies, misstatements, and obfuscations meant to "assuage fear" instead of actually "providing fast chargers." Those fears will be well-founded if you own a Ford EV and try to drive cross country.

I am for EVERY solution to climate change. What I dislike, it a bait and switch.

What are the charging speeds?

Can you check the status of the location?

How many stalls at each location?

What dates will they have these chargers installed?

Lots of questions, very little in the way of substance.


Earl and Nagin ... | 17. Oktober 2019

Let’s hope this is real and that Ford starts putting pressure (and maybe financial support) on these clowns so they actually turn their systems on and keep them maintained.
Unfortunately, unreliable chargers are worse than no chargers at all.
Maybe their app will provide feedback so the owners are quickly informed and can respond quickly to problems.

AlphaInfinity | 17. Oktober 2019

I wouldn't discount Ford. They are currently working on the F150EV and SUV based on battery technology developed and built by Rivian. I hope they succeed. The charging network announcement is a little less than honest but seriously, they are going to eventually have to step that up if they want to sell electric vehicles. More EV's in the marketplace, more places to charge. Most importantly, less pollution, less geopolitical BS and supporting backwards countries like Saudi Arabia. Less of a chance that my kid is going to have to fight a war in some desert because of oil. Less money flowing to terrorists organizations. Fewer yachts delivered to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. I hope Ford sells the a ton of electric vehicles!

tessnme | 17. Oktober 2019

Ford doesn't have any electric cars, but they did form a team for electric car development several months ago. It's called Team Edison. Appropriate, since Edison stole everything from Tesla. You can't make this stuff up.

AlphaInfinity | 17. Oktober 2019

They are developing the F150EV:

And the SUV:

So technically, they have not delivered a viable EV to market, but it is coming soon.

Darthamerica | 17. Oktober 2019

All of the major autos have EVs in development. This isn't really new for them. But since they have ICE cars that are more profitable/desirable, there's been no business reason to rush them out. For them it's much better to let the market and technology mature and then enter.

jordanrichard | 17. Oktober 2019

Darth, you are misunderstanding us “fanboys” criticism. It is not about Ford’s EV, it is about the hyperbole about the chargers. The impression given either by Ford or the author of the article is misleading. I also don’t understand why there is a partnership to install chargers in people homes. I have no charger in my garage for the MS, I simply plug into an outlet.

blue adept | 17. Oktober 2019

Alright, so they've teamed up with prospective EV startup Rivian to produce and (perhaps) market their concept electric truck and SUV (branded as "Fords" ???) and are now advertising a "charging network", great!

It all SOUNDS great, but where's the actual SUBSTANCE?

There's been a lot of different people out there talking a good game for a long while now, but not one of them have yet to actually lent action to word or produced an actual product.

Until any of them bring something to market it's all unsubstantiated hyperbole and hype, which is depressing for those of us who're truly interested in seeing a real world shift to sustainable transportation and energy production on a grand scale which, @Darthamerica, is likely the reason for all of the animosity you're seeing from us pro-EV and climate advocates and proponents because we're all tired of the same ol' BS and are wanting to see actual change.

blue adept | 17. Oktober 2019



blue adept | 17. Oktober 2019


You kinda hafta admire their dedication to the whole deprecation and belittlement thing.

FactDoc | 17. Oktober 2019

Really good news for the planet

David N | 17. Oktober 2019

“I wouldn't discount Ford. They are currently working on the F150EV and SUV based on battery technology developed and built by Rivian.”

It’ll be interesting to see how all this sharing of technology pans out. If Rivian is serious about becoming a major player in the EV market starting w their Truck and SUV, I wonder how much “sharing” of battery, motor and technology they are willing to let Ford use. If Rivian indeed has an advantage over Ford w Batt/Motor/Charging, selling that to a direct competitor (Ford) of the same models (truck,SUV) would seem to possibly take sales away from Rivian, Especially since they are a ton of die hard brand (Ford) users.
I wonder if Rivian will need to be Unionized in their plants. Fords tie to Rivian would make one wonder if the UAW is going to stand idle on Rivian employees.
I’m excited about Rivian Truck, has a lot of nice innovative features. I’m not at all excited about Fords entry.
In our family we have Ram(1), Ford (1) and Tundra (4) trucks.
All the Fords we’ve had thru the years are nothing but issues after the first 4 years, Ram is a little better at 6 yrs. Toyota Tundras have been bullet proof.
I wish Ford, Rivian and Tesla well as they enter the Truck EV market.

andy.connor.e | 18. Oktober 2019

Ford is doing a good job making people think they can change.

SamO | 18. Oktober 2019

Ford is trying and failing to make people think they are building a charging network.

PrescottRichard | 18. Oktober 2019

It is 2019.

That’s all I have to say.

SamO | 18. Oktober 2019

It is 2019 and Ford has installed Zero (0) fast chargers.

SamO | 18. Oktober 2019

“Speaking of costs, the Blue Oval will try to sweeten the deal further. Ford will provide complimentary access to each of the 12,000 charging stations. Typically, station operators require a membership and associated fees to even access a station. Even with multiple station brands included in the FordPass network, there will be zero fees attached. Drivers will still, however, need to pay for charging.”

So more bait and switch. Drivers still need to pay for charging but the “network” is free.

Fuck. Ford.

SamO | 18. Oktober 2019

“Complimentary access” is not “free charging”

Update, 11:51 a.m.: Adds clarification and correction from Ford to better explain "complimentary access" to the charging network.

Ross1 | 18. Oktober 2019

You could have a nasty situation whereby Fords could charge off Tesla network but Tesla unable to charge from the "Ford" net.
Any knowledge out there with you if this is a possibility?

TabascoGuy | 18. Oktober 2019

Probably not. You have to have a Tesla account and the car has to be compatible and enabled in order to use the SC's. Tesla can also block specific cars from supercharging.

SamO | 18. Oktober 2019

Rarely do I agree with Jalopnik but they nail this perfectly.

“This reads like Ford’s attempt to create a Tesla-esque charging infrastructure, but it misses what makes Tesla’s Supercharger network so great (in my humble opinion, that’s the company’s most underappreciated asset). Superchargers are fast, simple, easy to use, and typically in strategic locations like rest areas or shopping centers where it’s easy to kill 45 minutes or so while gaining a decent charge.

That’s very much not been the case in Jalopnik’s experience with other EV chargers, where we’ve all had varying issues with slow, confusing chargers outside some random hotel or parking garage or whatever. Which is to say, I get what Ford is trying to do here. If someone comes into a dealer and says the whole charging thing makes them nervous and/or confused, the salesperson has an answer that sounds good.”

SamO | 18. Oktober 2019

“But it doesn’t do much to solve the actual issues with charging EVs: plug compatibility that’s far more confusing than it should be, randomly slow chargers that add less than 10 miles of range during your 45-minute shopping trip for seemingly inexplicable reasons, and having to decide which charging network you should belong to.”

jordanrichard | 18. Oktober 2019

Well hell, a 1958 Corvette has “free access” to EV chargers, a three legged dog has free access, a etc. etc. etc can drive, walk or crawl up to any charger.

Yodrak. | 18. Oktober 2019

"The FordPass network will include more than 12,000 charging stations with a total of 35,000 plugs"

On average, fewer than 3 plugs per station? That means an awful lot of 1 or 2 plug stations.

NKYTA | 18. Oktober 2019

Yep. But it increases Darth’s “density” in LA.

Once he gets that CCS adapter...

bp | 19. Oktober 2019

FordPass is not the same as the Tesla Supercharger network.

Tesla Supercharger networks only have fast charging.

Based on the article, not all of the 35000 plugs are fast charging, and it's likely most of those will NOT be fast charging, especially if they are partnering with existing 3rd party networks. And if they are going to do that, they should include the Tesla destination chargers in the comparison.

Another factor - they are comparing the Tesla chargers today against a future fast chargers that don't exist today. Tesla will continue to add more chargers in the mean time.

The real test will be on day 1 when Ford sells their first long range EVs. Will they be able to take road trips and fast charge??? | 19. Oktober 2019

@jordanrichard - You nailed it :)