Autopilot - jerking left and right in lane

Autopilot - jerking left and right in lane

Ever since V10 update a few days ago, when I activate Autopilot on the highway or on a long road, the car jerks left and right in the lane. Makes for a very uncomfortable drive. Anyone experiencing similar issues? Seems like there's a few bugs to squash in this update.

crmedved | 17. Oktober 2019

Works fine for me. Better actually... now I don't have to step on the accelerator at a red light to accelerate at what most people consider a normal rate.

jjgunn | 17. Oktober 2019

Were you positioned between 2 trucks or larger vehicles?

I had it happen once & that was the reason. Wasn't terrible but I noticed it.

RP3 | 17. Oktober 2019

@kruiz828 - glad it's not just me. I think it's the moving away from vehicles and in traffic it seems to me like it's continually moving away from either a vehicle in the left lane or right lane so it also feels to me like it's bouncing left & right in the lane.

calvin940 | 17. Oktober 2019

Hasn't happened for me either going between vehicles or in any other scenarios.

kruiz828 | 17. Oktober 2019

@jjgunn - My daily commute is on a 3 lane highway, relatively flat and not much traffic at all. I find myself usually in the middle lane. My car just bounces and jerks within the lane with no cars/trucks to my left or right. It's the strangest thing.

@RP3 - happens in traffic and no traffic for me. People must think I'm intoxicated when I activate autopilot lol.

Joshan | 17. Oktober 2019

I would say to make a service appointment as I am on the same version and use AP daily and have seen nothing of the sort. This is not normal operation.

FISHEV | 17. Oktober 2019

"when I activate Autopilot on the highway or on a long road, the car jerks left and right in the lane."@kruiz828

To be clear, you just have AP not FSD? Just using adaptive cruise and auto steer?

kruiz828 | 17. Oktober 2019

@FISHEV - that's correct. Just AP.

drift | 17. Oktober 2019

It's interesting that for a long while we had to listen to the whines about the auto steer holding the center of the lane . Now we hear the whines about auto steer moving away from other vehicles. Be careful what you wish for.

kvaranodo | 17. Oktober 2019

I also have this happening to me. I made an appointment with service but they told me not to come in. They remotely reinstalled the most recent firmware but it didn't help. They told me to wait for the next release. As soon as Autopilot is engaged, the car snaps to the left line and then seems confused. It tries to move to the middle and then back to the left. This results in an unsafe swaying motion that makes drivers around you think that you are driving impaired. I am unwilling to use AP until this gets resolved.

christian | 17. Oktober 2019

I've noticed this since the V10 update. Sometimes it will hug the left side of the lane more and sometimes the right. I've also noticed that it seems to happen when a larger vehicle is on the opposite side of me. So if a semi is on my right, my Model 3 seems to move to the left side of the lane. I'm guessing this replicates the way a lot of people drive normally, moving away from large vehicles next to them, but it's more noticeable when the car is doing it by itself.

hokiegir1 | 17. Oktober 2019

There are 2 things this could be:

1) The new functionality that moves away from neighboring cars
2) When an alignment is needed, the car tends to "fight" with itself and will bounce around in the lane more.

Joseb | 17. Oktober 2019

I haven't noticed any bouncing left-right, but I've noticed some micro-adjustments being made here and there, nothing drastic.

It used to stay in the center, regardless of other cars, now it seems more aware of cars being too close to the line and try to adjust

FISHEV | 17. Oktober 2019

"It used to stay in the center, regardless of other cars, now it seems more aware of cars being too close to the line and try to adjust"@Joseb

Don't know why it would be aware of other traffic for just AutoSteer. That should just keep the car centered in between the lines. Adding in traffic aware lane keeping would not be good. When taking pictures of lack of BSI sensing, I noticed the visualization had the tractor trailer next to me over the line and in my lane when he was a steady 1 foot on his side of the lane.

If the AutoSteer was reading that false image it would be behaving as described.

rob | 17. Oktober 2019

@OP How fast were you going?
Recently I've thought my car was weaving a bit between the lines. But no way I would have described it as jerking. I thought it was just me but maybe there is something in a recent update.

If so, they'll address it

leo33 | 17. Oktober 2019

If it's 'jerking' back and forth, definitely call service.
On the other hand, if its drifting a bit to one side or the other now and then, that is probably normal. I've noticed that AP now gives big trucks a little more room, and is generally more human-like in its behavior than before. My primary passenger noticed the change and finds it much more relaxing. I also noticed some very gentle 'ping-ponging' on one road a day or so after the update that I didn't notice before, and havent noticed since.

leo33 | 17. Oktober 2019

+1 hokiegir1

walnotr | 17. Oktober 2019

I have about 2K miles driving with AP/NoAP and have not experienced this. I would check in with service if it were happening as you describe.

SpeedyEV | 17. Oktober 2019

Were you closer to the left or the right side of the lane. The Autopilot is just trying to center the car in the lane. It doesn't bother me. Its a bit more graceful if you are centered better in your lane while activating it.

I find V10 the best AutoPilot update so far.

M3phan | 17. Oktober 2019

Yep agree with hokiegir1 on fighting bad alignment. Get that checked.

RayNLA | 17. Oktober 2019

I noticed a little bit of a weaving motion after V10 also. It seems a bit better as of late though. Maybe the V10 mystery update corrected it.

apodbdrs | 18. Oktober 2019

Are the sensors and cameras clean on your car?

vmulla | 18. Oktober 2019

M3phan | October 17, 2019
Yep agree with hokiegir1 on fighting bad alignment. Get that checked.
+1 on that.

Also, even a tiny bit of difference has a noticeable impact on the tires. My steer setting was off by 0.05 degrees. I noticed something was off because of a periodic whump whump tire noise at highway speeds - I neglected it for about 1K miles - there is a noticeable difference in the tire wear pattern ( BTW everything looked fine at previous tire rotation ~2K miles)
The service center told me exactly what @hokiegir1 is mentioning, that the car is fighting the drift by correcting the steering.

jjgunn | 18. Oktober 2019

Like @hokiegir1 says...check alignment. Ask the service center near you to recommend a tire place for alignment. Your camber may be off.

Also have the service center calibrate your sensors & don't take no for an answer.

I have 2 Tesla's one with basic AP & one with FSD, neither have this issue but I have had my wheels aligned & balanced properly by an authorized tire shop. They do a better job than the SC because their focus is wheels/tires.

hokiegir1 | 18. Oktober 2019

BTW -- another "symptom" of alignment being off is that it's either easier or harder (depending on which way it's off and how you hold the wheel) to satisfy the AP nag. We've had instances where the slightest attempt would disengage AP and some where you can jiggle the wheel forever and it doesn't register it. We have some awful roads by us, so we need an alignment about every 10k miles (just hit 40K and are definitely due again), but the first sign is the lane bouncing.

Xerogas | 18. Oktober 2019

@kruiz828: Is it possible you’re experiencing tramlining?

andy | 20. Oktober 2019

I’ve not had that, but the car does follow road lines that are not lines - remnants of roadworks and line arrows where they divide.

The car also picks the wrong lane when the road widens and keeps the right rather than the left (in the US you’d think this was the correct behaviour, but it isn’t on a RHD).

It’s isn’t an issue as long as you stay alert and are ready to override the autopilot - or, better, recognise the conditions that autopilot can’t deal with and stick to cruise or full manual.

kruiz828 | 21. Oktober 2019

Hi all, thanks for all the feedback!

the issue is definitely more of jerking left and right.. @leo33 described it as ping-ponging which is pretty accurate and it is quite nauseating. It has been happening constantly, even with no traffic on the road and driving in the middle lane. I have a service appointment coming up and I'll follow up with what they say :)

Klohry | 22. Oktober 2019

I got v10 three weeks ago and it messed up autopilot. Won't stay centered in lane (oscillates back and forth) and on two lane roads, drifts dangerously close to the center line. Apparently a known bug with HW3. I can't use autopilot any longer with my wife in the car because the oscillating back and forth makes her carsick. I wouldn't be in a rush for it. I wish I could revert back to v9.

robert.barrett | 02. Dezember 2019

I just noticed this "ping-pong" behavior after receiving 2019.40.1.1 update (the more aggressive lane-change update). I hadn't noticed it when v10 first came out months ago, but is definitely noticeable now.

Considering there's been no posts on this for a number of weeks, wondering if anyone has seen this go away with software updates?

St☰v☰ | 02. Dezember 2019

@robert.barrett - my ping-pong effect began with .36, so I was kinda hoping the .40 will correct the issue. It's like it's searching for the sides of the lane to center itself, but the movement is way too jerky. I've actually taken control a few times when I was sure it was going to hit the car next to me.

vmulla | 02. Dezember 2019

No pingponging with 2019.36.2 over a 2.5K mile drive. But, I also noted in another thread that EAP experience is not uniform across different areas of the country

JqckQttqck | 12. Dezember 2019

Model 3 LR here with this issue. Google pointed me to this thread.

Latest FW: 2019.40.2.1 38f55d9f9205

It started when they replaced the front steering rack with OEM 18" tires/rims back in mid September; the steering wheel is slightly tilted to the right. Two visits later (steering wheel is still slightly tilted) and they're blaming it on non OEM tires/rims but have a ticket open with Engineering to investigate and come up with a solution.

The SC manager said many people have this issue after swapping to winters. The caveat is that last winter I had the same rims and Nokians on and had no problems.

I feel like I'm going crazy as the SC has done an alignment (which I paid for) and they said it's within spec. Now they're blaming it on the non-OEM tire's softness.

I have an appointment with another SC and they texted me to drop by for a test drive - do another alignment for $240.00 +taxes CAD for an issue introduced after a warranty repair.

Any advice? Should I just drive it and wait for an update? Who do I ask for at the SC and how should I approach the conversation?

M3phan | 12. Dezember 2019

Have 40.2.1 for the last three days and for the first time in 18 months, AP is slightly ping ponging. Don’t want to overstate it. But it’s noticeable. Nice thing is it’ll go away after another update, I’m sure.

Joshan | 12. Dezember 2019

Is it happening as you pass other cars or as they pass you? It moves out of the center of the lane now when someone is next to you. Is this what you are experiencing possibly?

lbowroom | 12. Dezember 2019

Driving on 40.2.1 for the first time today. First time I've ever noticed a slight, slow but obvious pinball action. It's only a few inches, not jerky.

spuzzz123 | 12. Dezember 2019

Relax it isn’t awful and you know they’ll fix it soon.

lbowroom | 12. Dezember 2019

If I was any more relaxed, I'd be asleep

spuzzz123 | 12. Dezember 2019

Yeah not directed at any individual lbow, just the thread concern in general. You just happened to be the most recent post :)

vmulla | 12. Dezember 2019

@M3phan, others,
I've a few hrs of highway driving ahead of me, and I've a notification to upgrade my software. I'm assuming it's going to be for 40.2
I was hoping to install at my next Supercharger stop, and I'm eager to get the update.
Question: is the ping-pong effect bad enough that I should delay my update until I'm in familiar roads, or is it just fine for highway driving?

lbowroom | 12. Dezember 2019

Cool, I figured. the OP description of jerking is way off. Come to think of it, I didn't notice anything this morning in the detached carpool lane (Bake to Jamboree on the 405) It was at lunch Southbound on the 55 in lanes with medium traffic that I felt it. Passengers did too.

vmulla | 12. Dezember 2019

Caught @lbowroom's description a little late.. Never mind :)

M3phan | 12. Dezember 2019

@ spuzzz123, oh yes, it’ll totally get tuned back
@ Joshan, no, not related to cars. Also did it just me in middle lane.
@ lbowroom, yes, it’s very subtle.
@vmulla, update! No need to delay. It’s not bad at all. In fact, it doesn’t seem to do it under highway speeds, just at higher speed. And again, it’s subtle.

garretn | 12. Dezember 2019

@vmulla - I would go ahead and load it. I took a short 400 mile trip with it doing that. It seems to be more noticeable when the road isn't real it drifts back and forth in the lane. The corners haven't been as smooth as they used to be since the 40.x.x loads came along. Loading 2019.40.2.1 right now maybe some of this will be corrected.

My experience has not been even close to as serious as the title of this thread sounds.

spuzzz123 | 12. Dezember 2019

I don’t think I would have noticed had I not read these threads. Could have been power of suggestion too.

garretn | 12. Dezember 2019

Good gosh needed to do a better job of proof reading before hitting the post button.

Correction: It seems to be more noticeable when the road isn't really STRAIGHT it drifts back and forth in the lane

M3phan | 12. Dezember 2019

It’s not that for me at all either. Just a subtle slow slight back n forth. Can even see the movement on the avatar between the blue AP lines.

Sarah R | 13. Dezember 2019

@lbowroom just for testing purposes, take a round trip on the 73 toll road and see if you still have the "ping pong". The 73 has an asphalt surface that's smooth as glass most of the way. No rain grooves. I'm interested in seeing if this has anything to do with the rain grooves. I ask because I'm not seeing this issue even though I'm looking for it. The last time I had an issue with my car being pulled left and right was in the early 90s when I was driving an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with Goodrich T/A radials. The grooves in the pavement grabbed those tires and pulled that car every which way. So the question is: does your M3 wobble on smooth asphalt without grooves?

Devilstower | 13. Dezember 2019

My wife has a Subaru with their EyeSight system, the second such vehicle we've owned. If I lock it in on a lane, it will slide slowly from side to side bouncing from the sides exactly like a ping pong ball. And the longer you let it go, the more violent these movements get until it is seriously just metronoming back and forth.

The closest I've run into on the Model 3 is the way it navigates very gentle turns, which is clearly by breaking them into a series of line segments that cause the car to move a few inches left, then a few inches right of the midline as it makes it way through. But nothing like what happens in the Subaru.

lbowroom | 13. Dezember 2019

Sarah, This isn't a random mechanical action of the tires tracking grooves in the highway, that would happen with AP on or off. This is a steady sinusoidal oscillation. This morning again it was absent in the separated car pool lane. As someone else mentioned, it seems to occur in tighter traffic with cars in lanes on both sides. It's small, but noticeable.

No, my car doesn't wobble or track grooves on asphalt with or without grooves.