Considering upgrade of '16 MS to Raven MX > questions

Considering upgrade of '16 MS to Raven MX > questions

We recently moved from CA to Park City, UT. I have a 2016 MS 90D. Thinking of trading it in for a Raven MX long-range.

A few questions:

1) Is there any difference in ground clearance?

2) Does the MX now have "air suspension" included? I didn't see it as an option. My MS doesn't have it.

3) From what I've read, it seems Tesla has brought back unlimited supercharging again on the MX? I have this with my MS, and don't want to give it up!

Any general comments on MS vs. MX in a winter climate would be welcome. I'm thinking the form factor of an MX (higher driving position, easier entry/exit, better visibility, etc.) might be better here in Park City.


raffidesigns | 20. Oktober 2019

1. Yes. The Model X has has an 8” ground clearance vs the Model S’ 5.8.
2. Yes. The Model X comes with a brand new adaptive Air Suspension. This is standard.
3 Unlimited supercharging is non-transferable from used to new. Yes. You will have Free Unlimited Supercharging with the new Model X.

As far as winter climate goes. The Model X is the ultimate beast. Paired with winter tires (studded if you wish) makes the Model X the best winter weather vehicle. The max suspension height is 22” given that it is an SUV you will have a greater height/visibility.

Bighorn | 20. Oktober 2019

Great info, but 22” clearance?! I’m assuming you meant 12”?

switters | 21. Oktober 2019

Thanks raffidesigns! I'm going to test drive an MX tomorrow. Especially given what you've written, I do think it will be a better option than the MS.

jimglas | 21. Oktober 2019

FWIW: we used our MX as our "mountain car" all last winter in Colorado. Never a problem and the air suspension was nice when there was new, deeper snow. Keep it in chill and low regeneration. We didnt have snow tires last winter, but plan to this year.

jimglas | 21. Oktober 2019

The one drawback is you cant put a ski rack on top. We could probably put one one the back, but there was always plenty of room inside in the back, so didnt bother.

Uncle Paul | 21. Oktober 2019

You will love the X in the snow. It's a beast.

Air suspension allows you to raise up for the deep stuff.

The new Raven will give increased range, performance and faster Supercharging.

Amazing how much the new Long Range dual motor has come down in price . Great value.
Comes stock with the premium interior trim, the giant HEPA filter biodefense system and basic autopilot.

Some have put a ski rack on one side of the falcon wing doors. You cannot open the door on that side when you are carrying skis however.

It comes with a tow hitch for carrying bikes or a ski rack. Skiis also fit easily inside by folding down one side of the rear seat, or down the middle in a 6 seat configuration.

It now comes with the new adaptable shocks, which give you a smooth ride on bumpy roads, or fantastic handling on the mountain roads.

Gotta get a good set of floor mats for the wet stuff.

Enjoy your new X...

switters | 22. Oktober 2019

Thanks, everyone! Excited to test drive it today. I've pretty much decided to order one... just need to decide whether to do Performance or Long Range.

Uncle Paul | 24. Oktober 2019

Perfromance now includes Ludicrous at no additional cost (previously was $20,000)

Long Range is faster than most all the other SUVs you will see on the road.

New pricing is very compelling.

Bagzzz | 26. Oktober 2019

I have studs in the winter and our 1/2 mile driveway has a 13 % grade. We get lots of snow @ 8000’. The model X handles it all better than our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.