GPS for multi stop trip

GPS for multi stop trip

Really disappointed that the Tesla GPS doesn’t allow me to enter a multi stop trip and calculate where/how often I need to stop. I also can’t use another app for this since Tesla won’t allow my phone’s GPS (eg google maps or Waze) to broadcast thru the cars speakers. Makes planning road trips extremely painful and frustrating.

Saranimd | 24. Oktober 2019


bp | 24. Oktober 2019

When version 2 of the navigation software was released, Musk stated that Tesla would (finally) be adding waypoints, now that Tesla had access to the navigation source code.

Including waypoints in navigation routing, would allow the software to better determine when and how long charging should be done - something Tesla should need to fully implement FSD.

Until then, it should be possible to get the audio from 3rd party navigation apps running on smartphones by selecting the phone as the media player source. The downside of doing this - you can't also be listening to other media sources (radio, streaming, USB) while using navigation.

Vawlkus | 25. Oktober 2019

A better route planner dot com. It works via the browser

Bighorn | 25. Oktober 2019

Waze comes through my Model S speakers.