Damped Forearm Rest

Damped Forearm Rest

Has anyone tried or suggested to Tesla, something to help stabilize your forearm (between elbow and fingertip) so that selection on the display is easier, quicker, and more accurate?

Trying to hold your fingertip steady for an accurate screen choice when it is pivoting way back at your shoulder in a moving/bouncing vehicle is kind of (if you'll pardon the pun) a Reach.

Maybe there's too much Engineering analysis in here but a small DAMPENED support for your mid-forearm, or even near the elbow, weak enough to allow you to move your forearm/fingertips up and down easily, while the car is bouncing around, would really help assure very easy fingertip selection...not to mention the decreased time you would be looking away from the road.

The challenge is making it look integrated and not frumpy in these beautiful cars. Would help every other car maker too.

If there is a thread about this issue somewhere else on the forums, please help. Lack of a search capability surprises this new user.

evaandmarty | 30. Oktober 2019

You’re right we have all experienced the (reach) you speak of, I once took a roll of paper towels and jammed it into the little cubby hole compartment under my screen and it provided the perfect support for my wrist and did help with the reach

Bighorn | 30. Oktober 2019

A hold over before our robotic exoskeleton kind of?

Wilber | 02. November 2019

TeslaVolt that is an interesting idea i had not thought of before. I always tell non-Tesla driving friends that Teslas are designed for 25 year olds with perfect vision and steady fingers! It is a challenge for this 68 yo guy to hit the right spot on the screen with my finger!
Evaandmarty - can you explain a bit more about how exactly you use a roll of paper towels? Do you use a roll that has that carcboard tube, and just the right amount of paper towel to be the size of that cubby hole? and then insert it at a 90 degree angle to the dash? I guess i find it hard to believe it would be strong enough to support the forarm. but i may just try it this weekend! | 02. November 2019

One trick that may help some taps - when you need to close a dialog that has the tiny "X", you can tap anywhere outside the dialog in the dark grey area and it will close. No need to tap exactly on the "X".

Another trick for the bottom row buttons is to rest a finger on the aluminum trim to help steady your position.

On a bumpy road, it is sometimes not easy to tap the right place, but no different than an ICE car with a hundred tiny buttons that are cryptically labeled. The worst are cars with a touchpad in the center console. I could never get those to work well.

TeslaVolt | 03. November 2019

Need someone schooled in ergonomics to really answer this. A solid support like a roll of paper towels is not really what I’m suggesting. You need to have a light support of your forearm when you’re reaching way up at the top of the touchscreen and if you drop your arm down to touch something near the bottom, that support needs to continue to help support your forearm. In addition, a simple spring loaded item will not do the job, it must be dampened. That is, it must resist and dampen the up-and-down movement of the car just like a shock absorber does with your tires. This assures that your arm is held steady. Designing this to meet that requirement is not that hard, but making it look like it beautifully integrates into the center area of the car would be the biggest challenge. No one wants a funky looking gadget in the center console of this beautiful vehicle.